This Mom and Daughters Business Bakes Delicious Carrot Cakes

If you are craving some delicious carrot cakes, you don’t have to look further because this online business has amazingly delicious cakes.

Ms. D’s Carrot Cakes has been selling their cakes online since May 2020 but the recipe has been in the family for a decade already.

IMG 1509

Dina Sibucao, the mother of Bea and Bernice bakes the signature cakes while the daughters help out in marketing and social media. Though their recipe has been loved by friends and family, they haven’t considered selling them until the pandemic.

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“When lockdown started and she could no longer go out with her amigas while managing her business, she decided to start selling her signature carrot cakes, and eventually perfected her chocolate orange cake recipe, online. It has been a hit ever since”, Bea shared.

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The carrot cakes have their signature cream cheese frosting and the cake itself is very flavorful and moist. Aside from delicious carrot cakes, they also have their newest offering which is the chocolate orange cake.

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If you are giving it as gifts to loved ones, they can also put in dedications along with your chosen colors.

Ms. D’s Carrot Cakes