This Local Store Celebrates Filipino Food and Culture All While Helping Out Those in Need

There are so many things about our local food and culture that we love and celebrate. From breakfast and general food staples that are unique to us like embutido and tocino to the colorful horizons of Philippine culture and tradition, there are so many things that we can wear with pride as Filipinos. This is why ATBP (AT iBa Pa) Sari-Sari Store is such a goldmine amidst the difficulties that this year has brought. With a name that has the words “sari-sari store” in it, you expect a variety of products and they definitely deliver on that. From totes to sisig to soya milk, you’ll definitely get a taste of Filipino cuisine and culture all in this one-stop-shop.

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A quick look at what they have to offer!

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The perfect breakfast!

ATBP wants to support small local businesses that were greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses suffered, as seen by several closing up shop and having to cease operations, but ATBP wants to help out these businesses by highlighting their products as they think that it’ll aid them in profiting again. Giving these small businesses the exposure they need to flourish has been ATBP’s mission in order to do what they can for their fellow Filipino entrepreneurs.

Getting their products from suppliers that are small business owners, they make sure that these products are highlighted and delivered quickly through courier services. They aim to shed light on these businesses and drive some more traffic and profit towards them.

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What’s amazing is that the people behind this endeavor are students! They’ve gathered the initiative to first help out frontliners and then eventually wanted to expand to small businesses that needed help. “At a time such as this, we strive to support our local businesses, giving them an opportunity to grow even with the current situation. Bottomline, we aim to give hope to those small business owners,” they said to us as we reached out to them for their thoughts and comments.
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Not only does the food look delicious, but the tote bags are super adorable, colorful, and very chic. They’re fashion statements in and of themselves and will totally go with anything and everything you wear. Tote bags are easy, practical, and a no-brainer even for days that you don’t feel like leaving the house. They’re adorable and the plethora of designs means there’s definitely something there for you.
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All in all, ATBP is a great local store that wants to give back to small businesses in the kindest and most brilliant of ways. Highlighting each businesses’ strengths and specialties while curating the products in a pleasing way makes for a streamlined method of business that ultimately drives the profits to those who need it most. We salute you, ATBP! We’re amazed by these students’ generosity and initiative in creating this environment of love and paying it forward.
If you’re interested in purchasing products from ATBP, here are their social media handles–cop some stuff now! Brb, getting a thousand tote bags for myself.
Instagram: atbp.sari
Facebook: ATBP sari-sari store