This Laptop Brand Is Recognized in Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for Fourth Consecutive Year

As companies across industries work to promote gender equality, some sectors face a more significant challenge than others. Traditionally dominated by men, the technology industry has long struggled with diversity and inclusion. But some companies are taking significant steps to challenge these stereotypes and make progress towards gender parity. One such company is Lenovo, which has been included in the 2023 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) for the fourth year in a row.

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Photo by Lenovo

The GEI framework tracks the progress of 418 companies across 11 sectors and 45 countries worldwide, evaluating their efforts to promote women’s empowerment and gender equality in the workplace. Lenovo performed well in all five pillars used to rate the companies in the index, with Lenovo Philippines achieving one of the highest gender equality ratios in Asia. The global technology company is dedicated to increasing female representation, with 63% of its executive leadership team currently comprised of women. Among them is Anna Abola, Commercial Marketing Manager at Lenovo Philippines.

Abola’s extensive marketing experience has taught her the value of diversity in tech companies, as it fosters innovation by bringing together a range of perspectives. “It is such an honor to be part of a team that values diversity and empowers both men and women to contribute to our mission of bringing Smarter Technology to all,” she shares. “A more diverse workplace has really encouraged us to look at things and approach them in different ways. This has been essential for Lenovo and our commitment to effectively respond to customer needs. Bringing these lived experiences together creates an impact on the business and culture of the company,” Abola concludes.

Lenovo’s inclusion in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for the fourth consecutive year is a testament to its efforts in promoting gender equality. The index evaluates companies based on five pillars: female leadership and talent pipeline, equal pay and gender pay parity, inclusive culture, sexual harassment policies, and pro-women brand.

Lenovo’s efforts to promote gender equality in the workplace include fostering an inclusive culture, implementing anti-sexual harassment policies, and building diverse systems through increased accountability and training. Read the latest Environmental, Social, and Governance Report to learn more about Lenovo’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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As a company operating in a male-dominated industry, Lenovo recognizes the importance of promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.