This Korean-Style Self-Shoot and Concept Studio Is So Cute!

If you normally watch out for trends or cool new things in Korean culture, then you’re already probably familiar with self-shoot photo studios. If not, well, it’s a pretty straightforward concept.

These self-shoot or self-portrait studios allow people to take professional and high-quality photos all by themselves, taking away all of the awkwardness of having a stranger take photos of you. With these self-shoot studios, you go at your own pace and take photos according to how you want them.

Now, you don’t have to go to Korea to try this super cool concept! Studio Seoul is a Korean-style self-shoot and concept studio that you can visit right here in Metro Manila.

Studio Seoul just opened in February 2022, and it was the dream of their CEO & founder, Alvin Baloloy. He dreamt of establishing a business where he can apply his great passion for photography and film-making. With the opening of Studio Seoul, he gave Pinoys the chance to experience photo studios just like the ones in Korea.

When we first stepped into Studio Seoul, we were instantly surprised by how different the studio felt compared to the usual photo studios we used to go to as a child. It was like a classy playground for anyone who liked to experiment with self-portraits.

The studio has a cute little waiting area with “cherry blossoms” and a full-sized mirror to check on your outfits. To one side, you’ll be able to see the concept studio where it’s beautifully designed like a pastel wonderland, complete with cute Korean-style props.

Behind one of the curtains is the spacious self-shoot studio. The space includes a variety of stools that you can use and move around, 4 different backdrop colors, studio lights, a very professional camera, a massive monitor for you to check your shots, and a rack with a few stylish clothes that you can use for your photos.

What we loved about the self-portrait studio—aside from being extra comfortable with taking photos on our own—is the excellent quality of every little detail inside. Even the camera is one of the more expensive brands that made raw photos look billboard-worthy. KPOP songs were also blasting around the studio, effectively breaking the ice and allowing us to be more loose and energetic while taking photos.

Customers can have 15-20 minutes inside the self-shoot studio, depending on which package you avail. While it may not seem long, it’s actually enough time for you to get great shots you can choose for printing.

After our time in the self-shoot studio, we then had 15 minutes to choose which ones to get printed. You actually don’t have to worry about all those other great shots that you don’t get to pick because you can get all of your raw photos for just an additional fee.

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All of the packages at Studio Seoul also allow you to experience the concept studio—a very stylized space that will make your photos look like they belong in a magazine.

In the concept studio, one of their in-house professional photographers will be taking your photos and directing your poses. You don’t even have to worry about thinking of perfect poses because all of their photographers have amazing ideas.

However, if taking studio portraits with a professional photographer really isn’t your thing, you can opt to just transfer those minutes back to your time at the self-shoot studio.

While we aren’t ones who enjoy professional photoshoots with photographers, the concept studio was still an experience that we’re glad we tried. We were able to come home with photos that we wouldn’t be able to achieve anywhere else. Plus, the photographers really made sure that everyone was comfortable the whole time.

Photo from Studio Seoul

We were ecstatic with how all of the photos turned out. Photos from both the self-portrait studio and the concept studio had such different vibes that it made our visit to Studio Seoul so sulit.

Photo from Studio Seoul

Shout out also to the whole Studio Seoul team (#SEOULmates) who make the whole experience such a breeze—Alvin, Wenie, Gil & Bern.

With such excellent service and such a professional vibe, it’s surprising to know that it only took the Studio Seoul team a few weeks to get the studio up and running. Now, they’ve got clients booking the studio for a whole day just to be able to get as many photos as they want. Some have even celebrated their birthday here—complete with a birthday-themed photoshoot.

Clients are also enouraged to bring their own props and even a change of outfits to maximize their time in the studio.

With packages starting at PHP 700, your visit to Studio Seoul is definitely worth every peso. Plus, you get loads of photos that you can put on display at home or on your IG feed. It’s a great one-of-a-kind experience to enjoy with your friends and loved ones.

Studio Seoul

45 A. Bonifacio Avenue, Barangka, Marikina

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