This is why we should let people have dreams and be optimistic

There are a lot of cynics in this world. Unfortunately, a lot of the time that translates to defeatism. People, usually those older than us, have a tendency to look down on optimistic goals and incredible dreams.

It’s a (relatively) free country, so they can believe whatever they want to.

But they shouldn’t let it tinge what others do.

Recently, there’s been a wave of people calling out the younger generation for having doe-eyed dreams or ambitious plans. There are medical professionals who belittle med students online for still being excited. There are trolls who make fun of students pursuing law or journalism. There’s the age-old problem of relatives advising you to take the ‘safer’ path, as well.

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At the end of the day, they’re letting the bitterness of their own experiences cloud their perception. Perhaps they’ve forgotten what it’s like to dream. Or they’ve lost why they even started in the first place. Whatever the case, they forget a fundamental truth: we have to let people make their own choices — both good and bad.

(According to Feng Shui, you have to choose between pursuing love or money)

I have an inherent belief that no one is born a cynic. We were all children who wanted to see the stars, or become the president, or perform in front of an audience of millions at one point in our lives. We all begin with the capacity to dream.


Ripping away that ability too fast, too soon, is an injustice to anyone. Growing up to discover that not all your dreams will come true is a hurt that everyone earns, and one that should be learned because they at least tried. Being forced to face that truth because of a pessimist takes away one element of humanity that always shines through: perseverance in the face of adversity.

One of the purest things about being a human is believing, even when the odds are stacked against you.

It teaches us how to try, how to face life even when it seems the bleakest. It shows us how to accept our faults and rise above them. And always, it brings us a step closer to actually achieving those dreams.


(This is why we have to stop asking ourselves what others will think about us)

Because, sometimes, those dreams don’t fail. Whether big or small, having the audacity to believe and to work towards that belief with everything you have will probably lead you to some semblance of success. We let people dream, and hope, and wish because even if you can’t reach the moon you end up among the stars.

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