According to Feng Shui, you have to choose between pursuing love or money

According to a Feng Shui master in Ongpin, the pursuit of love and money are incompatible with each other. It’s not so much that love and money cannot coexist, but that the quest for one must always be prioritized over the other. So when we apply this ancient art in our lives, we are forced to choose between love and money.

Crazy Rich Asians

Although this cannot be technically confirmed by any texts or readings of Feng Shui, it doesn’t have to be spelled out to see the patterns. Rarely are there guides or advice on how we can achieve both love and money. Specialists and even just the articles we see online are typically focused on just one or the other. The chase for either value happens to be two very distinct things.

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One possible explanation for this is that it’s impossible to balance two as they are both such heavy elements. There isn’t enough space in your life to strive towards both with the same amount of effort. Wealth and love are such important aspects of life that it requires so much investment to achieve.


In actual life, trying to excel both love-wise and money-wise typically leads to us becoming burnt out and overworked. So why shouldn’t this logic hold true for Feng Shui? After all, Feng Shui is about the focus of our energies, about having to give as much as you want to take. It only makes sense that we can only get one or the other after completely pouring ourselves into it.

In line with this, Chinese culture says that it’s not necessarily a dichotomy but, again, a prioritization. I won’t claim this to be absolute, but based on the consensus opinion of Chinese groups I was able to ask, it’s about knowing how to order your needs.

Some believe there is an inherent cultural perspective that you have to choose what you attain first, and money is the more reasonable option. Having enough wealth is the bedrock to having a secure and happy life. As important as love is, the best version of it can never be attained when you’re fighting with your partner over money. Not even “true love” can save you from poverty.


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Personally? I think that we should put wealth first because we ought to put ourselves first. I’m not talking about going for that Crazy Rich Asian life, but having enough that you can live comfortably. I see that as putting my personal security over the happiness of any potential partner. When I’m comfortable and secure, then maybe I’ll look for love.


What about you?