This Is What Troye Sivan Said About His Surprise Trip To The Philippines And We Are Still Shook

ICYMI, Australian singer-songwriter Troye Sivan was spotted in Manila just this week. Of course, fans were absolutely shookt when word spread around.

There were no announcements nor news about his visit. He pretty much just appeared. People didn’t even want to believe it at first since it was pretty much too good to be true. But after confirmations from certain establishments and from the singer himself, fans had mixed feelings about the surprise visit.

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Many were just lucky enough to be in the area with the singer and were able to grab a selfie or two.

But for those of us who weren’t as lucky, we may have something good to look forward to re: Troye in Manila.

After his shookening visit to Manila, here’s what Troye has to say:

dipped in n out of the Philippines this week workin on fun stuff. If I’ve taken one thing from this trip it’s that I can’t WAIT to come back

Is he possibly hinting on coming back very very soon? For a concert maybe? *crosses fingers*

We can’t wait for you to come back, too, Troye! Please do come back. And give us a heads up next time, will you?

What did you think of Troye Sivan’s surprise visit? Share it with us!