This Is the Secret to Achieving the Best Corned Beef Silog for Breakfast

There’s nothing like a good silog meal in the morning to get you going for the day ahead. Whether it’s the fullness of the dish—comprised of fried rice, egg, and choice of meat—there’s just something about silogs that’s so comforting to Pinoys, making it the perfect breakfast.

Our personal favorite? Corned beef silog. Just imagine: tender, meaty beef lying on top of a bed of hot fried rice with a perfect, runny fried egg on the side. We can almost taste it! Eating a delicious breakfast can help provide you with energy and good vibes for a breakfast high, and with a little technique and the right type of corned beef, you can achieve just that with corned beef silog.

Here’s how to make delicious corned beef silog!

This Is the Secret to Achieving the Best Corned Beef Silog for Breakfast Highlands Gold Corned Beef

Choosing the right brand of corned beef

With corned beef being the star of your silog, you should be using the best. We’ve tried all the corned beef brands you’ll commonly see in groceries, and we can tell you that they’re not all made equal. Some can be too oily, too dry, too salty, or too stringy, but there’s one brand that’s stood out for us. And for that reason, we believe it’s the worthy star of our corned beef silog: Highlands Gold Corned Beef.

corned beef 2 scaled

What we liked about Highlands Gold Corned Beef, first of all, is the balance of flavors. Where some corned beef brands tend to be too salty, this one tastes perfectly balanced. We also like that it isn’t too oily, unlike other corned beef brands that tend to form a pool of oil. But it isn’t dry either, that the corned beef tends to get stringy.

Lastly, we love that Highlands Gold Corned Beef delivers on its promise of quality. On the packaging, it says that it’s made of 100% Pure Beef and Made from Angus Beef. Tasting the product, we can easily believe that. The beef on Highlands Gold Corned Beef is meaty but tender, really delivering satisfaction in every bite. Now imagine that on your silog. You’ll get that all-day breakfast high, for sure!

To make the best silog, you can sauté Highlands Gold Corned Beef with garlic and onions. Some also like adding potatoes to their corned beef. This is all optional, though! Highlands Gold Corned Beef is also perfect to enjoy on its own.

The secret to delicious fried rice

No Pinoy breakfast can be complete without the sinangag. For silog, we love going with a simple garlic fried rice. Just sauté some garlic with oil in a pan, add in your rice, and mix. Make sure not to use too much oil though! Once on a plate, you can add toasted garlic on top of the rice for garnishing.

garlic rice 2 scaled

But here’s the secret to really good sinangag: It’s best made with day-old rice. And not just any rice—make sure to use non-sticky rice varieties like sinandomeng and jasmine. Basmati rice works well, too, if you’re feeling a little fancy.

If you don’t have leftover rice, no worries, you can still make sinangag! After cooking rice, just make sure to let it sit and cool, perhaps taking the lid off to let steam escape. The goal here is to get all the moisture out, so you don’t end up with mushy fried rice.

Getting that perfect runny egg

You just can’t make a proper silog without sunny-side up! And we don’t know about you, but toasted, over-fried egg just isn’t good. We like it when our sunny-side up is still a bit moist, with yolk that runs once you break the center. Imagine that beautiful yellow yolk streaming down your garlic fried rice. Sarap!

fried egg 1 3 scaled

To achieve a runny, moist sunny-side up, make sure to keep your heat low so your egg doesn’t brown immediately once it touches the pan. With low heat, you allow the egg to cook slowly and evenly, rather than quickly burning the bottom while the top is still raw. Patience is key to a good sunny-side up. Oh, and don’t forget to sprinkle a bit of salt on it!

There’s a reason why Pinoys love having silog for breakfast—it helps power them up for the day ahead. And with the perfect corned beef for your corned beef silog, you can get that energy and good vibes you’ll need all day. Try Highlands Gold Corned Beef for your next silog to experience an all-day breakfast high!

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