“This Is My Redemption”: Wil Dasovich Sets National Record for Underwater Breath Holds

Wil Dasovich has set a new official national record in the sport of Static Apnea (STA) for holding their breath underwater! His record duration of 5 minutes and 39 seconds has been recognized and verified by AIDA International, the international governing body for the sport of freediving.

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Photo: James Virtudazo via Wil Dasovich on Instagram

On social media, Wil also shared the intriguing story behind why he decided to learn the technique. “I was watching Joe Rogan on a Sunday afternoon talk about the health benefits of breath holds and the legendary freediving GOAT Mr. 10 Minutes (Florian Dagoury),” he began. “I quietly fanboyed, slid in his DMs, said I thought he was cool, and asked how he became an amphibious mutant. He surprisingly replied and told me he can turn me into a mutant just like him with his 3-month plan.”

After seeking guidance from Dagoury, he came on board, attended weekly meetings, and diligently followed his mentor’s instructions. Proudly, he shared, “And just like that, I joined his army of 5+ minute breath-holding mutant students from all over the world.”

“Moral of the story: don’t be afraid to ask someone for help and if you want to be the best, learn from the best,” he added, hoping to inspire others to unlock new achievements as he did.


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Furthermore, he emphasized that there’s no shortcut to success by sharing his previous failed attempts. “I walked into a freediving competition four months ago with no coach or training and tried to do this all on my own by watching YouTube videos,” he recalled. Unfortunately, he blacked out at 4:20 minutes, leaving him extremely embarrassed and weighed down by shame. “I knew I could never get rid of [it] until I came back and redeemed myself,” he continued.

After a challenging journey, he could finally declare with triumph, “This is my redemption and I can now sleep at night!”

Finally, he expressed his gratitude to Dagoury and looked forward to future adventures. “Thank you, Mr. 10 Minutes, for this superhuman ability I will cherish for the rest of my life. I can’t wait to use my super lungs and adapted red blood cells for when I go diving in the ocean, go on trail runs, and do specific cool party tricks that need not be mentioned on social media,” he concluded.

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