This is Isabelle Daza and Raymond Gutierrez’s Secret to Effective Workouts

Have you had that frustrating instance when you were queueing in a buffet line, looking to see all the food selections they have, then you stop yourself from drooling because you start thinking of how unhealthy your food choices are? Going to a buffet and not making the most out of it is a sin you wouldn’t want to commit, but over-stuffing yourself with unnecessary carbs is an equally evil thing to do also.

Being conscious of what we eat or drink—it’s both a curse and a blessing. A blessing because it regulates your food intake, and a curse because it ruins a supposedly enjoyable time like an ‘eat all you can’ dinner. Trust me, nothing’s wrong with being food conscious. In fact, I encourage it. Along with the likes of Isabelle Daza and Raymond Gutierrez, I’m sure they’ll push you to be certain with your food choices too as the power duo’s secret allows someone to be keen on his or her food and drink intake and be worry-free at the same time.

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We’ve Found You Your Next Favorite Workout Partner!

Belle and Mond’s secret and gym partner, G-active, is a sports drink that optimizes proper hydration that gives you the most benefit after a tiring but successful workout. They call it ‘water made active’ as the drink itself is simply flavored water with electrolytes. You’re thinking: flavored? Would that cost you an added sugar consumption? The answer is no. The lifestyle drink contains zero sugar. *phew*

We’ve Found You Your Next Favorite Workout Partner!Three available flavors you can choose from: lemon, berry, and orange

Since we’re talking about working out and getting fit, it’s only natural to be conscious of the food we are taking in. Of course, we would want to regulate the number of calories that go in while we continue burning fats. This time, you don’t need to be strict-conscious because G-active allows you to be lighthearted and carefree as it contains zero sugar.

I’m sure as Isabelle Daza holds G-active as her favorite workout partner, you would (want) too. It’s the best thing to have, seeing that it keeps you on track and focused on getting fit but without subtracting the fun in working out.

Check out some of the G-Active fit crew as they demonstrate what it means to have fun during workouts:

We’ve Found You Your Next Favorite Workout Partner!The whole G-Active fit crew, all smiles, as they launch their next new favorite workout companion: G-Active!

We’ve Found You Your Next Favorite Workout Partner!Renowned actress, Aubery Miles, effortlessly warms up with a quick yoga sesh.

We’ve Found You Your Next Favorite Workout Partner!Maggie Wilson finishes her workout session with the perfect hydrating drink.

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