This Is How Neri Naig Miranda Conquered Her Fear of Needles

Neri Naig Miranda finally fulfilled her dream of getting extra piercings on her ears, which also meant that she was able to conquer her fear of needles!

In an Instagram post, Neri shared a close-up picture of her new piercings and shared the secret to her bravery in facing her phobia.

“Finally!! Dalawa agad ang pinabutas ko, hihi! Di naman masakit (I immediately had two piercings hihi! It didn’t hurt after all),” she began on her post.

neri naig miranda piercingSource:

Sobrang takot ako sa needle pero gusto ko talaga magpadagdag butas ng tenga. At kanina sinamahan ako ng buong pamilya ko sa [55 Tinta] para magpabutas, hehe! (I’m terrified of needles but I really wanted to get additional piercings. And a while ago, my whole family accompanied me to 55 Tinta to get pierced!)”

Apparently, Neri practiced by pinching her earlobes to “anticipate” the pain. She even admitted to getting two piercings after realizing that they didn’t hurt at all.

Di to sponsored post (This isn’t a sponsored post),” she then said. “Sooobrang natuwa lang talaga ako kase di ako nasaktan. Mas masakit pa yung panloloko ng ibang tao sayo. May hugot, hahaha! (I’m just so happy because I didn’t get hurt. Being played by another people feels more painful.)”

She ended her post with the hashtag “Feeling Cool Mom.”

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Are you terrified of needles too? How do you conquer your fear? Share your stories and experiences in the comments below!

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