This Instagrammable Korean Restaurant is your Cheese and KBBQ Fix (PLUS GC GIVEAWAY!)

From songs to fashion to television shows, the Korean craze is now taking over even in the food industry. All thanks to the oppas you’ve been watching in those Kdramas, samgyeopsal (Korean pork belly) has been widely craved by many.  

Whether or not you’re a fan of all things Korean, those fresh leafy greens, irresistible side dishes, juicy pork belly, and the sound of the meat sizzling on the cast iron plate will send you drooling to go to the nearest KBBQ joint. I, myself, am a fan of samgyeopsal and have tried many restaurants that serve that tasty meat. And, among all my choices, Sibyullee easily ranks as my favorite. 

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Sibyullee (sib-yool-lee) is under Happyfood Corps., which also handles Soban K-Town Grill and Sariwon. If you’ve already tried the two said restaurants (and loved it), you can be sure that Sibyullee offers the same quality taste and service; except that, in this family tree, Sibyullee is the modern and stylish chic sister.  

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Upon entering, you will see exactly why it’s branded like that—the interior looks very Instagrammable. You will see pastel-colored walls and furniture, indoor plants, and pretty lights to make the mood more vibrant and bright unlike the typical dimly-lit samgyeopsal eateries. If you’re going for a shot of the place or a flatlay of the food you ordered, your IG feed will thank you for it either way. 

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Even their smoke vacuum funnel matches the place; the nozzle is customized straight from Korea and is colored that is close to copper and rose gold. With this, you can enjoy a KBBQ experience without worrying about the scent of the smoke latching on to your clothes. And, while we’re at it, if you don’t know how to properly grill the meat, there’s an instruction written on a frame per table or you can ask their staff who will happily teach you how many seconds/minutes you have to cook the meat. 

Aside from Sibyullee’s design, what I loved about this restaurant is the deliciousness of the food. No, this restaurant isn’t a place to go to for unlimited KBBQ, but it is the place to satisfy your KBBQ craving with mouth-watering Korean dishes and a whole lot of cheese.  

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DSC 0334Signature BBQ Combo Set 3 (PHP 2,400.00)

Pork belly meat dipped in cheese, the famous Korean street food Tornado Potato in a skewer, and Bungeoppang (fish-shaped pastry with filling—Sibyullee has all that. Primarily because Sibyullee got their inspiration from Myeongdong (famous for street food) and Itaewon (famous for KBBQ dipped in Cheese). They wanted to stray from the typical Korean restaurant and serve modern dishes that locals know and love. 

DSC 0290 copyA Korean Street Favorite, Potato Tornado (PHP 155.00) – MUST TRY

The price may look daunting, but it’s for sharing! Upon calculation, our total was only PHP 750.00 (inclusive of tax and service charge) per head—not bad for a fancy place and the special Korean food. Take a look at the Signature BBQ Combo Set 3 and you be the judge if it’s worth it.

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