12 Signs You’re Addicted To Korean BBQ

Ask anyone on the street today, I dare you, if they’d eat Korean BBQ. I guarantee you they’d even have their own favorite, with Korean BBQ places springing about like mushrooms, each with their own favorite. Wasn’t it just yesterday when we weren’t so… addicted to the whole Korean barbecue craze?


Who can blame us for loving Korean food though? They’re just so good! At this point, there’s just no turning back. Find out if you’re a true-blue Korean BBQ addict through the 12 signs below:

12. Last pay day, you went straight to the nearest samgyeopsal place.

GEN Korean BBQ-36

Because how else would you choose to spend your sweldo? Clubbing? No, thanks, I’ll be sitting here with my meat and lettuce.

11. Your mom knows whenever you smell like usok when you come home, it’s because you had Korean BBQ.

korean pork grill

You learn to live with the smoke every time you’re out to dinner. But it would be lovely to eat at a smokeless grill, especially when you’re bringing a date!

10. You’re a true kimchi convert.

Korean kimchi

The first time you took a sniff of that fermented Korean cabbage, you wondered how people even manage to eat the stuff. Now you definitely know better — kimchi is the best thing ever!

9. You know ALL the unlimited BBQ and other promos throughout the city!

korean omg reaction kpop

Kabisadong kabisado mo yan, friend. The MOMENT a restaurant announces a special unli promo, you’re the first one to know. It’s like spidey senses, for Ssam (Korean lettuce wraps).

8. You’re that friend who ALWAYS suggests “Samgyeopsal!” for the next barkada hangout.

korean girls generation snsd laugh

Sabay tingin sa’yo ng masama. Just a suggestion! But really — bonding over unlimited meats with your friends is always a great idea!

7. You have your own favorite BBQ places simply just by the banchan.


AKA the little free sides they usually give at Korean restaurants.

6. Before drinking, your favorite pre-game dinner place of choice is a Korean BBQ joint.

korean k-pop k-drama reaction party time

The sheer number of pork and beef belly in your tummy would definitely be way more than enough to absorb the alcohol you’re downing later on in the evening!

5. An ideal first date for you would be at a Korean BBQ.

korean kpop snsd cute sweet date

To impress them with your lettuce wrapping skills, of course. Plus, you can tell a lot about a person by their appetite!

4. You know how to ask for ssamjang and gochujang, instead of calling them “‘yung red na medyo maanghang”.

korean ssamjang

Like a true Sssam pro.

3. You have your friends, your best friends… Then that one “Korean BBQ” friend.

korean yes 2pm kdrama friend

At least you have a Korean BBQ buddy you can always rely on! A special bond for life, indeed.

2. You know only amateurs ask for rice.

korean lettuce wrap ssam

Completely kidding about this one, of course. But who needs rice when there’s fresh green lettuce!

1. After reading this list, you’re definitely going to get some Korean BBQ!

GEN Korean BBQ-24

Because, really — there’s no better feeling than seeing that plate of yummy meats ready for grilling!


Looking for a place to satisfy your Korean BBQ cravings? Gen Korean BBQ definitely stands out from the rest of the other Korean BBQ joints in the city.


 Gen K has huge servings, a wide range of unlimited premium meats and an awesome atmosphere that’s perfect for a dinner out with your friends. The grills are completely smokeless, which means you can just enjoy each other’s company all night long!

GEN Korean BBQ-3

Gen Korean BBQ House is at Bldg. J, Unit 1-16, SM By the Bay, Seaside Blvd, Mall of Asia Complex. Read more about Gen K here, or check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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