Gen Korean BBQ House Is The Only Premium KBBQ House You Need

Words by Jamie Juantong

Photos by Eunick Nobe

As the unlimited Korean BBQ phenomenon in the Philippines is on a roll,  you wouldn’t want to miss Gen Korean BBQ House for your K-BBQ adventures. A smash hit in the United States, Gen K has finally made it to Philippine shores at SM By The Bay in Pasay City.

GEN Korean BBQ-3

This premium all-you-can-grill restaurant at SM By the Bay is the Korean BBQ place you never knew you needed. Located at the end of the strip of restaurants, the neon sign and the huge windows lure you in. The wide space and the entire line of staff who’s ready to serve make the food even better than it already is.

GEN Korean BBQ-4

Gen K sets itself apart from other Korean BBQ restaurants by offering a selection of all-you-can eat premium meats. Entering the restaurant was an experience, with the crazy amount of guests piling up with empty stomachs. They offer two kinds of menus for the meats: with twenty different dishes for lunch and thirty different dishes for dinner. Talk about quality and quantity! 

GEN Korean BBQ

GEN Korean BBQ-18

There were two kinds of tables that occupied the restaurant: the first had the traditional vents that sucked up all the smoke when grilling, and the second had a special kind of grill that sucked up the smoke from the sides. When everyone was up and grilling their premium KBBQ, there was absolutely no smell and no smoke! It was genius, and it helps create that electrifying atmosphere of being able to have great conversations with friends over amazing food.

GEN Korean BBQ-24

Bright warm lighting brought the dim walls out, creating a beautiful and perfect line-up of shining lights down across the tables. The first round was exciting: seeing the servers go around, holding the trays of food and seeing them deliver them right to your table. It was fast and efficient service. Unlimited condiments and side dishes were given right away, too, to prepare you for what’s to come soon: the meats. (Tip: Try their green tea salt -it’s something unique to this restaurant and you won’t regret it!)

GEN Korean BBQ-14

The meat that was served held up a new standard to all the KBBQ restaurants in town: fresh and plated gorgeously, it was undeniable that Gen Korean BBQ House was a whole different ballgame.

GEN Korean BBQ-38

The server at our table recommended a few dishes she had thought was the best, which included the Spicy Pork Bulgogi, Honey Chicken, Woo Beasal, Cajun Shrimp, and their variety of samgyupsal.

GEN Korean BBQ-36

From your first bite, you could tell this was going to be a wild ride. Their servings, although huge, doesn’t make you feel its size at all. It was almost impossible to get it wrong. It was the best of the best kind of meat -tender, marinated well and cooked on a good grill (which, by the way, the servers changed as soon as they saw the tiniest bit of grill marks on the pan).

GEN Korean BBQ-30

To say that Gen Korean BBQ House was an experience is an understatement: it is luxury at best. The atmosphere, the servers and the meat screamed premium. You are absolutely paying your money for good value. Come on -it’s premium unlimited meat. Now that’s what I call sulit.

Gen Korean BBQ House

Bldg. J, Unit 1-16, SM By the Bay, Seaside Blvd, Mall of Asia Complex

0945 123 8530

Weekends: 10AM – 2AM / Weekdays: 10AM – 12AM