This Hilarious Slow Motion Crossover Move Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

We all know Pinoys love basketball. You will find basketball courts in every cul de sac, roads, and even if we are experiencing typhoon, our love for the game is ubiquitous.

basketball in rain

Rain or shine, Filipinos will definitely play basketball in a heartbeat!

Moreover, Pinoys are included in the list of one of the happiest countries for no reason, so this video will make you laugh out loud.

It was originally uploaded by Eleazar Bitoon and according to him, is the best crossover move!

Watch the hilarious slow motion video below:

The funny video has already garnered almost 730k views on Facebook and was shared more than 11 thousand times.

He captioned it with: “TAG MO TROPA MONG MALUPIT MAG CROSSOVER! #bestcrossover #anklebreaker”

There you go, tag your friends who can do the best crossover move! LOL.