This Health and Wellness Company’s Second Recycle Challenge Aims For Greater Positive Environmental Impact

The words climate change, recycling, and sustainability have been discussed, but only a few know their true meaning and impact on our lives. But did you know that maintaining good health is essential for us and our planet, too?

As people become more health conscious, choosing products that are good for our bodies and the environment is essential. This is why Herbalife, a premier health and wellness company, has launched its second consecutive Asia Pacific Simply Recycle Challenge in honor of Earth Day.

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Herbalife’s Go Green initiative aims to promote environmental sustainability by encouraging Herbalife distributors and independent Nutrition Club owners in 14 markets across the region to recycle their used product canisters. Last year, the challenge was a huge success, with over 712,232 canisters submitted for recycling. This year, they are aiming to recycle even more canisters and plant more trees through their partnership with One Tree Planted.

“We introduced the Challenge last year as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability and were delighted by the enthusiastic response, with an impressive 712,232 product canisters submitted for recycling by our distributors,” said Stephen Conchie, Regional President, Herbalife Asia Pacific and China. “This year, we are aiming for recycling even more canisters, and planting more trees through our partnership with One Tree Planted, thus boosting our positive impact on the planet.”

By partnering again with the non-profit organization One Tree Planted, Herbalife will help make the Earth greener for every 50 canisters recycled by participants. The company will plant one tree for them. The partnership will contribute to improving the health of the planet, in particular, by helping reduce the effects of climate change.  According to One Tree Planteda tree, on average, absorbs about 10 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year for the first 20 years, a principal greenhouse gas that is associated with climate change.

For every 50 canisters recycled by participants, Herbalife will plant one tree in partnership with One Tree Planted. This partnership will help reduce the effects of climate change by absorbing approximately 10 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year for the first 20 years of the tree’s life.

The Simply Recycle Challenge will run for five months until September 15, covering 14 markets across the region. The top three participants who recycle the most canisters in each market will be rewarded with Herbalife product vouchers.

Herbalife is committed to eliminating negative environmental impacts, harnessing the power of plant-based proteins and ingredients in its products, and reducing the use of plastic in packaging. By participating in the Simply Recycle Challenge, distributors and Nutrition Club owners can help make a positive impact on the planet and improve their health at the same time.

Remember the 4Rs of nature: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, and Refill – let’s work together to make a difference!

Join Herbalife’s Go Green initiative and be a part of the change towards a healthier planet. For more information on Herbalife’s global responsibility efforts, visit