This Grooming Studio Offers Photo Shoot For Your Pets!

We have always been a lookout for grooming studios that knows how to properly cut the hair and we are so excited to find Groom N’ Go.

Located in Marikina, Groom N’ Go offers pet grooming services, pet supplies, and photoshoots for your furry friends.

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Owned by Ann and Patrick, they shared that what inspired them to create the business is their own pets. “We went to many grooming studios where we have our dogs groomed. Then we thought of having our own instead where they could be groomed anytime they needed to”, Ann shared.

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Though Groom N’ Go seems like a heavy load, the owners shared that they run this business while having full-time jobs. “Both of us have our own jobs. But we also want to have a business where we could still do our jobs at the same time”, Patrick said.


“Our main goal is to be the best grooming studio in Marikina that offers photoshoots for their furbabies. Then hopefully, in God’s time, we will have other branches in different cities in the Metro or even beyond”, Ann added.

We brought our corgi to Groom N’ Go and since we are struggling with a groomer to perfectly cut his hair, we are happy that they have a resident corgi so they know how to properly treat him.

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Aside from the amazing service they do for their pets. One of the highlights of Groom N’ Go is their photoshoot for pets.

Patrick personally takes the photos of their loyal pet customers, but of course, hoomans can join too.

Ready for a photoshoot? Or does your pet need a much-needed grooming? Or maybe you just need to restock their food and snacks? Groom N’ Go has everything for you.

Groom N’ Go