This Grab Driver Earned 91,000 Pesos Last Month—Here are His Tips

grab driver

I’ve been an avid passenger of Grab since I discovered the service. It’s been a lifesaver especially for my job. Meeting, events, multiple engagements all in one day. With this service, I just hop in and out of a private car without having to worry about anything else. It’s so convenient! In fact, I even make use of the time when I am in a Grab ride to check my emails or social media accounts. So it helps me maximize my time, too.

I always practice to be courteous when I ride a Grab—I am just a passenger in their car, after all—and have little chats with the drivers from time to time. But there was this one particular conversation that really struck me the most. Not only did I learn a lot, but the conversation was so enlightening it made me want to quit my job!

Why??? Hear me out.

Our conversation started out normally with me asking how the business is these days. Kuya Ruperto, my driver that day, answered normally, too. It’s okay, traffic sucks—the usual. But given that my trip was from Fairview, QC to Ortigas, there was indeed time for a long conversation.

Here’s what surprised me the most. According to Kuya Ruperto, he earned Php 91,000 last month! (Tendering my resignation now lols) I asked if he’s legit. Could that amount just be some good incentives? No, he told me. That number is reeeeal.

I asked him how this is possible. His answer? Just hard work and good work ethics.

I smiled when he said that because, as “pa-showbiz” as that answer may sound, I also know it to be true. Success doesn’t come from good luck and good timing; success is something we create ourselves.

And so speaking of success, I asked Kuya Ruperto if he has some tips for other Grab drivers, or those aspiring to enroll their car in the service. I told him his story inspired me so much and asked him if I could maybe write about it. He happily obliged.

And so, here are 7 tried and tested tips from Kuya Ruperto on how to become your own successful Grab driver:

  • If you can, buy a diesel car. Imagine, Kuya Ruperto only spends 500 a day on gas as he goes around!
  • When there are incentives, strive hard to hit targets.
  • Don’t drive around too much when you don’t have a passenger. Find a spot to stop at and wait for the bookings to come.
  • In connection to #3, Makati, Ortigas and BGC are the high-demand places you should wait around at! Maintain a good relationship with your operator (car owner). It helps.
  • Love your job and be very patient. You will encounter different personalities when driving for strangers. Get the support of your family—Kuya Ruperto saves money because his wife packs lunch for him. (Sweet! <3 )
  • Be polite. All. The. Time. Treat passengers the way you want to be treated.
  • And lastly, a greeting—whether with a “good morning” “good evening” or “good day”—is always the best way to start a trip.

Kuya Ruperto has been driving his Grab unit since April last year. He volunteered to drive for his friend part-time in the beginning and, since then, has quit his other job and has been working from 6am to 9pm everyday, except when he’s coding.

But as he has shared with me, Kuya Ruperto’s success in Grab didn’t happen overnight. As with all stories of success, it was fruit of hard work, good labor and, above all, good manners. A story we can all hopefully learn and be inspired from.

Do you have any tips as a Grab passenger or driver? Or a good story about a driver you once encountered? Tell us about it in the comments for a chance to be featured!