This FRIENDS character is spending lockdown binge-watching, well, FRIENDS

I guess if you have to make the show, it can be an excuse not to watch it immediately because you live in it. Moreover, it would take a while for you to binge-watch it, especially if it’s a TV series with 10 seasons and around 20-ish episodes per season like FRIENDS.

Friends Show

Now that almost everyone is staying at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, one FRIENDS character is spending precious time to binge-watch the defunct but well-loved TV series.

Monica (Courteney Cox) is sheltering at home and spending a lot of time with her TV.

According to ellentube, a website by Ellen DeGeneres, “Courteney Cox is binge-watching Friends and admitted she doesn’t remember a lot of what happened on the iconic sitcom.”

“She also commented on the fate of the highly-anticipated reunion special. Courteney then talked about friends who’ve contracted COVID-19, and gave advice to first-time moms on Ellen’s Mother’s Day Show,” Cox told ellentube.

Watch it below.

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