This exhibit combined art with technology and it looks so cool!

With the constantly shifting paces and rapid development of technology, many have come to view it as ‘disruptive’. New technologies are perpetually pushing new boundaries and making changes to the way things are done. This is especially true when it comes to art and design — but iACADEMY’s recent exhibit, imagineNATION, shows how it can be used to our advantage.

imagineNATION 3

It’s common to hear complaints about new technologies and techniques in the world of art and design. Many are stuck in their traditions and prefer to use classical methods. And there’s nothing wrong with that! But marrying these new technologies into art and design brings out a new kind of beauty that should be just as appreciated. This is what imagineNATION was able to capitalize on and execute to its fullest extent.

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The pieces were said to be chosen in order to “portray the past, the present, and the future of design and technology in the country.” Interactive works making use of augmented technologies and virtual reality were put on a spotlight. They showed the myriad of ways art and technology could come together to redefine limits and change perceptions.

The VRchitecture interactive demo station brought 5 historic buildings in Manila back to life. It documented the histories of each site and translated it into a narrative through the use of virtual reality. A product of their student, Louis Garcia, this portion of the exhibit challenged the parameters of architecture and visual storytelling.

imagineNATION 2

Featuring Gesture Saber, the vive gameplay stage took a dip into the playful and imaginative end of the technology. The virtual reality game allowed you to finally be the Jedi master you’ve always wanted to be.

While ARtech, iACADEMY’s own augmented reality application, combined traditional art with computer-generated animations and videos. When using the app to scan the artwork you would be able to see the different animated elements which students had added. It’s introduced a new way of appreciating and even creating art.

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As Vanessa Tanco, iACADEMY’s president, told us: art is not static. As with everything else in this world, art and design must adjust to technology. But there are ways for it to go beyond just adapting and truly taking advantage of the new opportunities. It looks like iACADEMY will be taking the lead in showing everyone what else there can be that is yet unexplored.

After its Rockwell exhibit, the iACADEMY imagineNATION exhibit will be on display at the IACADEMY Nexus Gallery Campus from March 18 to 23.

How do you feel about the prevalence of technology in so many different fields?