Game Changers of Education: iACADEMY Celebrates 15 Years of Ingenuity and Creativity

If I’d go back to school again – or take a short course – I’d choose iACADEMY

iacademy armed with art

Because they take the Anti-Bullying Act seriously. As a parent, bullying is the worst conundrum of parents. Only a few can regulate this issue and iACADEMY deals with full courage and honesty.

I’ve visited the school and have attended their events several times, and clearly, they are changing the game in education.


The school encourages everyone to be a game changer by practicing #inclusion.

That’s why it was an honor, as well as, the privilege to be present at their 15th Year Anniversary Celebration last January 27. iAcademy

iACADEMY is known to push the boundaries of innovative education and nontraditional learning. Hence, their students proudly presented a few of their amazing works to the guests.

iacademy 15 years

iACADEMY was established in 2002 with the goal of reinventing education in the Philippines by offering specialized programs that could address the ever-changing needs of the industry. (That’s why I choose iACADEMY!)

iacademy anniversary

The future game changers.

Driven by its commitment to developing the technical and creative skills of its students, the school envisions a future shaped by Game Changers who use their knowledge and abilities to make a difference and contribute to our nation’s growth.


“Creativity takes courage.” I love how talents these students are. Look at that!

Now on its 15th year, iACADEMY continues to push the boundaries of creating an inclusive environment and progressive culture that encourages students to be daring in their pursuit of excellence.

iacademyiACADEMY’S  Vanessa Tanco.

The event was filled with blissful activities. To kick-off their year-long celebration, we watched a short film followed by animation series, and capped the night off with marvelous music and arts!


What we need in this ambiguous world is words of encouragement.  We all need to be courageous, so we can stand up for our right.

Truly, it was a night of ingenuity, agility, and creativity!

Congratulations, iACADEMY!

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