This Cute Butter Bell Will Keep Your Butter Soft and Ready to Spread

I always keep my butter refrigerated to keep it from softening up too much; you probably do the same thing. It’s effective and it makes butter last longer, but when you need buttered toast or softened butter for your dishes, it becomes a problem.

This cute butter bell will easily solve that simple problem! It has two components made out of ceramic.

butter bell 1

Photo from Lazada

One part is bell-shaped and features a compartment for the butter, thus, the name! The other part is the crock which holds a bit of water to keep the butter bell airtight at all times. This helps keep the butter soft and fresh even when it’s left outside.

We just love how this nifty kitchen gadget can help us keep butter spreadable whenever it’s needed.

This ceramic butter bell also comes in a lot of colors: navy, green, yellow, orange, white, and turquoise. There will definitely be a color that matches your kitchen aesthetics.

If you’d love to have soft spreadable butter at all times, then this butter bell is a kitchen must-have.

Buy this ceramic butter bell here!

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