This Country is Required to Open a Lane for Emergency Vehicles While in Heavy Traffic

12552774_1522562151377354_738610899439903986_nWhy are these cars in the farthest lane?

In Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries are required BY LAW to move to the farthest side of the road when they experience high traffic in autobahns or highways.

This is called “Rettungsgasse” which literally translates to “Rescue Lane”


The purpose of this is so that emergency vehicles like ambulances, fire trucks and such can move through traffic with ease. If you do not follow this law or if you deliberately block any emergency vehicle in any way or use the Rescue lane for yourself, you will pay a fine or you may even face charges.

With recent news about people not making it on time to the hospital because their ambulances could not get in the way here in the Philippines, isn’t this a great idea? What do you think?