This Company Keeps Recycling and Sustainability in Mind

Article by: Arvin Amaro

When companies like Honda talk about their products being designed with recycling in mind, they are primarily referring to attributes such as ease of disassembling or dismantling, increased opportunities for reuse, improved material identification, and overall ease of recycling.

Daydream Nation Limited – Fashion Clinic runs its operations by keeping recycling and sustainability in mind. They resuscitate their dead stock and old designs of clothing so that their customers can live in style without adding to the world’s landfills. That is the reason why this brand earned a Distinction from Brands For Good for the most recent period 2021 / 22.

Day Dream Nation

Moreover, Brands For Good focuses on the authentic ethical voices of companies who strive to do good by embodying the principles of social responsibility in their businesses and operations. Brands for Good companies are looked up to as exemplary businesses, having both a profitable business model as well as stewardship for making a difference for a positive impact in the world.

Started in 2017, by 3 founding partners who sincerely believe in the ability of every company to do good for the society they operate in, Brands For Good has since grown into a well-recognized award for enterprises large and small with Maybank Singapore as the founding and main sponsor.

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Article by: Arvin Amaro