LOOK: This Cake is What Mango Dreams are Made of

OMG Cake by Jens started selling Chocolate Dream Cakes – you know, the ones packaged in a tin can. Despite having been around for so long, it hasn’t died down – and I don’t think it will anytime soon, either, because they just introduced another variant: Mango.
OMG Cakes by Jen 5
Yes, OMG Cakes by Jen has jumped on the bandwagon and created their own version called the OMG Tropical Cheesecake. It has the same concept: gooey, creamy goodness in a can sealed with their cute logo. The only difference here is the ingredients used.
OMG Cakes by Jen 1
Upon opening, a luscious mango puree sprinkled with coconuts will greet you like sunshine after the rain. It looks amazing as it is, but scooping it up to see what’s inside is even better. One word: cheesecake.
OMG Cakes by Jen 7
It’s always the first scoop that makes or break a dream cake; and OMG Cake by Jen does not disappoint. This OMG Tropical Cheesecake will give you a layer of soft-textured cheesecake and another layer of mangoes on top. If you’re a fan of cheesecake, you’ll definitely enjoy this since it has the perfect balance of sweetness and a bit of acidity.
OMG Cakes by Jen 9
You have the indulgent flavor of the cheesecake mixed with the sweet luscious mango puree on top. It’s already irresistible as it is, but the hints of coconut add even more taste and texture to truly complement the entire can.
OMG Cakes by Jen 6
One order is priced at Php525 at 6×2 inches.
OMG Cakes by Jen 3
Get a taste of this mango goodness and melt away to a tropical paradise!
OMG Cakes by Jen
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