LOOK: This Artistic ‘Blue Neighborhood’-Inspired Photo Shoot Will Amaze You

Do you love Troye Sivan’s album ‘Blue Neighborhood’?

If yes, then we’re pretty sure you’ll also fall for this amazing Blue Neighborhood-inspired photo shoot produced by up-and-coming artists, JJ Galang and Earvin Corona.

To make sure you get the feels, play these Troye Sivan songs below.

Here you go.

“I can be the subject of your dreams, your sickening desire.”

“Only fools do what I do, only fools fall.”

“I’m left here in the dust, with a taste of broken dust.”

“But I’ve got that cigarette smoke and Saint Laurent coat,
but nothing is feeling right
I drink but I choke, I love but I don’t cause I was just try’na be COOL.
I was just try’na be like you.”

“So what do I do now? Cause I don’t keep love around.”

“I wanna sleep next to you,
and I wanna come home to you
I wanna hold hands with you
I wanna be close to you.”

“All my time is wasted,
feeling like my heart’s mistaken.
So if I’m losing a piece of me,
maybe I don’t want Heaven?”

“and when the lights start flashing like a photobooth,
and the stars exploding, we’ll be…”

“Too good to be good for me,
too bad but that’s all I need”

“there’s so much history in my head,
the people I’ve left,
the ones that I kept”

“All your lights are red but I’m green to go.

I want you, I’ll color me blue
anything it takes to make you stay
only seeing myself when I’m looking up at you”

What do you think of this Blue Neighborhood-inspired shoot? Tell us in the comments.


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