This Advertising and Production Company Receives Award For Innovative Naked Eye 3D Billboard Ad

How we advertise brands nowadays is rapidly changing. While there are still a few old-school OOH (Out-Of-Home) billboards, other things take advertising to another level.

Onion Bulb Productions (OBP), the production arm of United Neon Media Group, proudly took home its first award from the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA), marking a significant milestone for being the country’s pioneer in introducing Naked Eye 3D LED billboard advertising. The prestigious accolade was presented during an event that celebrated Filipino marketing innovation and honored pioneers in various fields.

President Sy Bryan Lato of PMA explained that the award was established to recognize trailblazers in different industries and showcase the ingenuity of Filipino marketers. OBP’s groundbreaking work in the realm of Naked Eye 3D executions at BGC, which has captivated audiences and garnered widespread attention, solidified their position as deserving of this esteemed recognition.

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Image: Onion Bulb (PMA President Sy Bryan Lato (right) hands over the award to Onion Bulb Productions Executive Producer Michiko Akira Tañedo (left) for OBP’s pioneering efforts to bring naked eye 3D LED billboard in the Philippines).

Naked Eye 3D technology creates a stunning visual experience, infusing a sense of perspective and depth that seemingly brings the images to life without the need for 3D glasses. OBP Executive Producer Michiko Tañedo received the award from President Lato during PMA’s “The Future of Sustainability” event and general membership meeting held at the prestigious Dr. Stephen Fuller Hall of the Asian Institute of Management.

Expressing her gratitude, Tañedo thanked PMA for acknowledging OBP’s contribution and reaffirmed the production house’s dedication to excellence. She emphasized their commitment to delivering innovative and creative solutions for brands, leveraging their expertise, skills, and experience.

“We are truly inspired by this award, and it serves as a constant reminder of our unwavering commitment to excellence, as well as our passion for crafting unique and groundbreaking materials for our partners, brands, and Filipino viewers,” Tañedo said.

Moreover, Tañedo highlighted that the PMA award exemplifies the harmonious relationship between creativity and passion, which drives OBP’s continuous pursuit of greatness. She added, “For OBP, this award serves as a reminder to roll up our sleeves, not only because success demands it, but because our hearts are driven by compassion, to share and to lead.”

The success of OBP’s Naked Eye 3D Billboard ads has attracted numerous brands eager to have their products showcased on this coveted screen. Aside from spearheading the introduction of Naked Eye 3D Billboard technology in the Philippines, OBP is revered for its wide range of creative services, including 3D and 2D animations, 360 clickable walkthroughs, photography, company AVPs, digital advertisements, infographic videos, live streams, LED and billboard documentation, event coverage, digital content creation, instructional videos, brand content, and photography for portraits, products, lifestyle, and food. The production house is also gearing up to venture into commercial videos in the near future.

As OBP continues redefining advertising possibilities and pushing boundaries, the award from PMA is a testament to its unwavering commitment to delivering excellence and pioneering innovative marketing experiences.