This Production Company Has Been Recognized Globally For Exceptional 3D Billboard Work

We always come across billboards whenever we traverse EDSA, NLEX, or SLEX. Some of them are also within the business district, like the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) and Makati area. What I love about these OOH or Out-Of-Home advertising materials is that they are emerging more innovatively. So, let’s experience the wonder of 3D billboards that come to life before your very eyes! From a cute pink panda offering delicious food to Santa and his elf chowing down on burgers and fries, these naked-eye 3D billboards are sure to leave you awestruck. Created by the creative geniuses of Onion Bulb Productions (OBP) in collaboration with the creative agencies of the brand, these billboards are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to OBP’s exceptional work.

OBP Photo

Photo: Onion Bulb Productions

OBP’s 3D billboards have been creating quite a buzz, with brands racing to get their products into the coveted 3D billboard space. According to Michiko Tañedo, Executive Producer of OBP, this is because of the massive global demand and adoption of 3D LED billboard advertising.

“Brands recognize the power of immersive and interactive advertising that is provided by digital billboards,” Tañedo added. “The thrust of OBP is to create visual productions that create strong emotional connections with users and create a memorable experience with them and the brands.”

With the viral success of OBP’s 3D LED executions at BGC, the Philippines is not far behind the global leaders in digital billboard excellence. Tañedo believes that a good idea is wasted if not executed properly. This is why OBP ensures that they have the expertise, skills, and experience to work and collaborate with any brand to bring their ideas to life.

OBP sets itself apart from other production houses with its never-ending curiosity to explore, research, and experiment with fresh designs, new technologies, and innovative concepts, as well as its close coordination with its clients to ensure that the brand’s needs and asks are heard and integrated into the plans and executions. They also maintain consistency to come up with designs, videos, and other creative materials of the best quality.

“We never stop being curious. I always encourage my teammates to take advantage of this curiosity to motivate them to try something new,” Tañedo said. “A great idea will only become a reality if it is planned, performed, and processed effectively. As a production house, we are preparing for greater things by consistently practicing accurate production of materials,” Michiko emphasized.

As technology rolled out at breakneck speed, Tañedo said that OBP would never be intimidated by the unknown. “We are and will always be ready for whatever creative advertising challenges we see in the future,” she added.

OBP offers a range of creative solutions to make brands better seen, felt, and experienced, from 3D and 2D animations, 360 clickable walkthroughs, and 360 photography to company AVPs, digital advertisements, infographic videos, and live streams. They also offer LED and billboard documentation, event coverage, episode digital content, instructional videos, brand content, portraits, product, lifestyle, and food shoots. OBP is also set to venture into commercial videos very soon.

With a never-ending curiosity to explore new designs, technologies, and concepts, close coordination with clients, and a commitment to consistency in producing high-quality creative materials, OBP is at the forefront of the digital billboard revolution. As the world of advertising continues to evolve at lightning speed, OBP is ready to take on any challenge and deliver truly unforgettable and immersive experiences for brands and their customers alike.