They Came. They Saw. They Doodled: Amped-up Doodle Fest 2016 Makes a Bigger Stage for Young Emerging Artists


Over 60 artists from the Philippines, Singapore, and Australia will participate in the mind-doodling programs of Doodle Fest 2016. This cultural event brings together a community of young and seasoned-professional illustrators to define the aesthetic sophistication of art culture while in the heart and complexities of contemporary society. Doodle Art Enthusiasts (DAE) Head Lei Melendres will lead the opening night on August 4, 2016, 6:00 p.m.

Running from August 4 to 28, 2016, Doodle Fest is pleased to announce new facets of this year’s festival including continued partnership with A SPACE – Philippines as official partner, bold and creative exhibit concept, portfolio review night, new weekend events, exciting lineup of guest artists, and more free events. Common traditions like art trade will still be present.

The event’s ambition is to work with a range of partners to create a genuine event of arts and ideas with international appeal. The free ticket schemes will help increase access to the arts and the public is encouraged to take advantage of the chance to see a new movement of art.

Free to the public, Doodle Fest 2016 is a professionally-curated art event featuring internationally and locally recognized artists, as well as emerging local doodlers, working in an array of mediums from pen and ink to acrylic paints and watercolor to mixed media. Main attraction this year is Deck of Doodles, a group art exhibition about the artistic representation of a deck of card through doodling. DAE artists Keene Elec (Ace of Clubs), Manuel Liwanag (King of Hearts), Daryl Victoria (King of Spades), Jojo Cagayat (King of Clubs), and among many others, will join doodle art seminal icons Lei Melendres (Joker) and Kerby Rosanes (King of Diamonds) to present a brand new deck of card.

Deck of Doodles exhibit will provide a platform for artists who are engaged with creative challenges that encourage the use of doodling as a tool for ambition, leisure, and engaged learning. It will be on full display in A SPACE – Philippines to explore a doodle diorama of French playing cards. Participating artists will have a spotlight to explain their piece of art, style, and portfolio in front of the audience. In addition, Behance Portfolio Review Night is also taking part with a mission to empower creative individuals. Selected artists will face a review leader and the most promising artist will get the Behance Appreciation Award. From artworks to portfolio, the opening night is a great opportunity to meet other creatives, showcase some of the best works, and learn from partnered industry professionals.

A sterling lineup of speakers for Doodle Talks will show how Southeast Asia is currently on the road to becoming a top-notch player in the creative game. Jaykee Evangelista will join Doodle Talks on August 7, Sunday. He is currently working as design team lead of Canva, Australia’s ingenious design platform of the world’s future of design. Prolific Singaporean creative collective Tell Your Children Studios, led by its founder Deon Phua, will also hit the stage of Doodle Talks on August 13, Saturday.

In addition, Doodle Fest also presents a special discussion format in a form of Doodle Art Exchange and Open Forum. Resident DAE artists are set to deliver thought-provoking scenarios of art through interactive panel discussions on Saturday, August 20, 2016.

The presence of doodles at A SPACE – Philippines will also delve into the world of live art battle where a master doodler will be looking for a challenger on Doodle Clash. While the art scene will be navigated into experimental activities like sketch walk and gallery tour, common traditions like art trade, workshops, and doodle sessions are still in play to offer local’s favorite simple activities.

With a palette of artwork and hotbed of good artists, Doodle Fest will provide the city’s art aficionados and communities with unique pieces for inspiration list, shopping finds for distinct doodle collections, and new artists to influence their individual art style.

Doodle Fest 2016 is made possible through program support from Doodle Art Enthusiasts, Doodle Arts, A SPACE – Philippines, Tell Your Children, /ESCAPE,  The Picasso Botique Residences, Behance, Canva, WhenInManila.Com, and Status Magazine.

For event details, contact Dibs Leaño at dibs@doodleartsmagazine.com.
For media and press, contact Elaine Catindig at elaine@doodleartsmagazine.com.

For all the latest information, visit festival.doodleartenthusiasts.com web address and follow Doodle Arts on Facebook and Twitter @doodleartsmag.


Doodle Fest 2016 is a one-month celebration of the doodle art movement. Founded in a proactive and creative innovation spac, Doodle Fest is a presentation of an imaginative and playful vision of the world as it could be at a time of great change. Through a series of exhibitions, events, talks, and workshops, Doodle Fest will explore the cultural history of the idea of doodle art and its relevance to modern culture.

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