These studies show that the earth is ‘shaking less’ during COVID-19 lockdown

With many places on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, studies have shown that the earth is “shaking less” and making “less noise” as people stay home.



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According to different seismologists and geologists, the coronavirus pandemic has seen a drop in ambient seismic noise. This means that there has been less noise coming from vehicles and people doing their daily routines.

This was first pointed out by Belgian seismologist Thomas Lecocq from the Royal Observatory of Belgium in Brussels. He said that after coronavirus lockdown measures were implemented, there has been a drop in the seismic noise in Brussels.

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Seismologists in other major cities in the world have also reported the same findings. For example, Celeste Labedz, Ph.D. candidate from the California Institute of Technology, also said that Los Angeles had lower seismic noise these past few weeks.

Likewise, seismologist Paula Koelemeijer also posted a graph reporting lower noise levels in West London.

With this, the decrease in ambient seismic noise may help scientists to better study the natural activity of the Earth’s crust.

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