These #Hugot Tweets Will Make You Laugh.. Or Cry

Twitter user @pilosopogyno is a lover, not a fighter!


But it seems he’s going through some sort of a rough patch. In a series of tweets that have gone viral, he narrates simple everyday occurrences, musings, and conversations with his ex:

hugot2 hugot30hugot3 hugot4 hugot5 hugot6 hugot7 hugot10hugot8 hugot9 hugot11 hugot12 hugot13 hugot14 hugot15 hugot16 hugot17 hugot18 hugot19 hugot20 hugot21 hugot22 hugot23 hugot24 hugot25 hugot26 hugot27 hugot28 hugot29

In one tweet, he confirms (as if it weren’t already obvious) the source of all his bitterness.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 9.54.43 PM

I guess we all deal in different ways. The best of luck to you, @pilosopogyno.

We hope your broken heart mends soon. Meantime, thank you for entertaining us with your tweets! What do you think about this?