These Gorgeous Barbie-Inspired Necklaces Will Transport You Back to Childhood

Most little girls, especially a few decades ago, had Barbie as a huge part of their childhoods. If not through the actual dolls, then the equally iconic Barbie movies had a place in our hearts.

Were you also a huge fan of Barbie films when you were younger? I’m sure you would instantly fall in love with these Barbie movie-inspired necklaces we found on Shopee!

barbie diamond castle necklace

Photo from Shopee

These necklaces are real-life versions of the iconic necklaces from the movie “Barbie and The Diamond Castle”. These adorable necklaces feature crystal hearts in blue and pink, just like the ones in the movie. This is a perfect friendship necklace set for you and your BFF!

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barbie princess pauper necklace

Photo from Shopee

This pair of necklaces is also inspired by another classic Barbie BFF movie, “The Princess and The Pauper”. These necklaces feature sparkling crystal butterflies in pink and purple, just like the dresses of the main characters.

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fairytopia necklace

Photo from Shopee

This “Fairytopia”-inspired necklace features beautiful pastel colors on its pretty butterfly pendant. It also has color-changing stones for that extra magic! This necklace will definitely brighten up even the gloomiest day!

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These necklaces are definitely worthy additions to your jewelry collection, especially if you’re a huge fan of the Barbie movies!

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