These Genuine Leather Collars and Bows Will Make Your Pet Feel Like a Model

Words by Kathlene Masilongan
Photos by Lorraine Giron

For pet lovers, their little four-legged friends are not just pets—they’re family. So much so that pet parents actually treat their pets like their very own children. And how can you not? Pets bring so much joy into the household. They play with you, make you laugh, take away your stress, and in the process can make you feel so loved. Aren’t they just the best?

We recently hung out with some pet parents and their adorable dogs, and had the best day just taking pictures and playing around with them. Meet our pawdels (paw models) below!

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These adorable doggos, Ichiban, Luca, Kip, and Raava are all dressed in Pawdel genuine leather collars. And we have to admit, they’re all looking quite en vogue. Can we be part of the pack, please?

We also got to meet some stylish cats looking so on point in their accessories. Say hi to fluffballs Astra and Orion:

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IMG 6694v3Orion

In these photos, Astra is wearing a chic Pawdel sailor bow, while Orion is donning a very cute checkered Pawdel bow tie, fit for his energetic personality.

When you love something, you want to give them the very best. All pet parents feel this way! That’s why many pet parents like to accessorize their pets in style, because they feel good when they know their pets look and feel good. After all, style is a statement of love.

Pet in style with Pawdel

Such is the story of the founders of local pet fashion brand, Pawdel. Rasmia and her partner Arrian stumbled upon a stray puppy on New Year’s Eve 2014. The little one kept following them, and unable to just walk away from the poor thing, they took him in and gave him a home. A good, loving home. They named him Robby, after the street they got him from—Roberto Street. Cute!

Robby PawdelRobby back in 2014

As a pair of stylish individuals, they wanted their new furbaby to be stylish as well. But they couldn’t find what they wanted for Robby, and saw the lack of fashionable and quality pet accessories here in the Philippines. So, they figured if they couldn’t find it, they would just have to make it themselves.

And thus Pawdel was born—a pet fashion brand for furparents who want their pets to not only feel good but look good, too.

Pawdel’s genuine leather collars and stylish bows

Pawdel’s line of fashionable (and not to mention high-quality) genuine leather collars and bows don’t just guarantee that your furbaby would be turning heads, they also make sure that your pets are comfortable and feeling good when they wear them. After all, Pawdel’s creators made sure their accessories are made only from quality materials.

406983D0 CA90 4B8C 88DE 9B652702F345Pawdel’s chic Sailor Bows for dogs and cats

4D1C9859 FDAF 4CF6 ADFD 57BBFB5F9D02Their Bow Ties also come in different stylish designs

4CF42CFD B6A8 4361 8378 3682C7ABE9A1Pawdel’s collars are made from genuine leather, and designed to make your pet look and feel good

With Pawdel’s genuine leather collars, there’s no need to worry about the wear and tear. Unlike an ordinary collar that gets beat up pretty badly (and usually in such a short amount of time), Pawdel’s leather collars age nicely, just as all genuine leather should. They don’t peel like synthetic leather does. With the right care, Pawdel’s genuine leather collars could be with your pets for a lifetime.

9872A46D CD93 47E3 BCE3 D6CCA9C3B8ABiiKip in a dark brown Pawdel genuine leather collar

7E783574 CFF2 4CA1 B0F4 8A2F4B5A13B2Ichiban in a Pawdel floral leather collar

As for the bow ties and sailor bows, each bow features a stylish design and an easy-slide on garter at the back so you can slip it on your pet’s collar for that camera-ready, fashionable look.

F7725095 A4D6 4CC5 8F1D 43295A839192Astra in her Pawdel Sailor Bow

For pet parents, how their furbabies feel and look matter because they’re extensions of themselves. After all, if we groom ourselves and dress in style because it makes us feel good, why wouldn’t we want the same for our furbabies? 😉

You can check out Pawdel online at www.pawdel.com, or find their products at the following stores:

  • Pet Lovers Centre (Level 3, Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas Center)
  • Market Liberty (2nd Floor, Evia Lifestyle Center, Las Pinas)
  • Pet Lovers Centre (Level 2, Phase 2 Manin Building, UP Town Center, QC)
  • Hobbes and Landes (Bonifacio High Street, BGC)

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UPDATE 7/12/2019: Announcement of winners

Congratulations to the winners of our giveaway! Our winners are:

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All winners have been contacted privately. Thanks to everyone who joined our giveaway. Until the next one!

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