These Falafel Wraps Are Huge and Filling, But Really Healthy!

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Falafel Yo’s falafel wraps are huge and it’s easy to get full eating one serving. I was able to finish an entire piece, and I felt full for the rest of the day. There’s no guilt, though. Despite the size, falafel wraps are healthy because they don’t feature meat. A large and filling snack (that can double as lunch or dinner) that’s good for the waist? It exists and you can try it now, too!

For those who aren’t familiar, falafel is considered to be Israel’s national dish and is a type of street food made with mashed chickpeas (or garbanzo beans), parsley, coriander, garlic, and other Mediterranean spices. At Falafel Yo, it is wrapped in a thick pita bun. And the best part? The way the falafel wraps at Falafel Yo are made is the traditional way, which Israeli general manager Guy Mann ensured when they developed the menu. So yes, it’s authentic!

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There are only three items on the menu, but it works for Falafel Yo. It means they can focus on a few items and make it the best it can be. There’s the Falafel Yo (P159), the Falafelito (P99), and the Falafel Beast (P189).

The Falafel Yo is the classic dish. It features a pita bun that firmly holds a crazy amount of ingredients, like six deep-fried falafel balls (a mix of lentils and chickpeas), cabbage, lettuce, fried eggplant, homemade hummus (spread made from mashed chickpeas), chilies, tomatoes, cucumber, sumac (pickled onions), and drizzled with amba (sauce made from mango, cumin, and turmeric) and tahini (sauce made from sesame seeds, parsley and coriander).

There are three intriguing things about the Falafel Yo: the overflowing ingredients, how the falafel balls taste like meat, and the tangy amba sauce that reminds us of mustard. In short, we loved it!

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The Falafelito is the miniature version of the Falafel Yo, which makes it perfect for kids and those who can’t finish the gigantic version.

Meanwhile, the Falafel Beast mixes falafel balls with beef, so this is perfect for carnivores.

The three variants work well with their Lemongrass Juice (P95), a unique drink that combines the herb with refreshing lemonade. Like with their food items, Falafel Yo doesn’t scrimp on the lemongrass.

Falafel Yo is along the strip of restaurants in the Greenbelt 3 Cinema, which makes it the perfect refueling stop before or after watching a blockbuster hit. And because it’s fast to serve and easy to carry, you can bring it to a movie!

Falafel Yo

Location: Greenbelt 3 Cinemas, Makati

Contact Number: (02) 7205963



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