These Are 11 of the Best French Fries in Manila, According to Our Readers

Who doesn’t love french fries? To celebrate this staple comfort food, we’ve decided to create this listicle in honor of those delicious fried thangs. And so, recently, we asked our dear readers—our amazing #WIMSquad community—where do you think we can find the best fries in Manila? And the responses were pretty great and, heck, damn funny. (We love your humor guys, and we love you.)

But above all, some french fry brands were recommended by you repeatedly and consistently that it was pretty clear that these are truly some of the best in Manila because you all love them so! Ready? Here are our readers’ most favorite spots for the best french fry fix!

*Not in any particular order

Army Navy

One of the most recommended on our post, Army Navy’s Freedom Fries obviously is one of the crowd favorites. With its crispy thin size, that mild spicy kick, and flavorful spices, we agree that Freedom Fries is a treasure.



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But with a catch. “McDo pag bagong luto” says our Instagram follower @aivilosorevitno. And it’s true! McDonald’s fries are simply delicious; no-fuss but enough to satisfy your craving when you just need a good snack or hangover food. But yes, it’s best when it’s fresh off the fryer. Another follower’s reco? Just request for a fresh batch, according to @jmrchrd.



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KFC’s chonky fries are just so satisfying, no? It’s thicc, chewy, and its blend of spices is *chef’s kiss*. For the best experience, don’t forget to dip it in KFC’s thick, hot, yummy gravy.


Flavorful and “krispy-coated,” this is how Bonchon describes its fries, which our readers obviously love because this was also recommended a lot. It was a bit of a surprise because you don’t necessarily think of Bonchon when you’re thinking of fries, but hey, we love discovering hidden gems!



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I’m honestly glad that Wendy’s was voted a number of times. I don’t know anyone else who appreciates Wendy’s like I do, so it was great discovering many people out there also see this place for what it is. It’s definitely an underrated fast-food chain that deserves more credit than it gets. Its fries, specifically, are thick, flavorful, have the right crunch, and unlike other fast-food chains, they taste and look like actual potatoes, not something else posing as one. Know what I’m saying?

Shake Shack

Shake Shack’s Crinkle-Cut Fries lives rent-free in our minds, and if you’re ever had these, then you surely understand why. Also voted by many of our followers, Shake Shack’s fries are obviously one of the crowd faves! Even better if you get the Cheese Fries—the regular fries doused in hot, gooey, yummy, cheese sauce. Yum.

Sweet Ecstasy


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Look. It’s just fact: Sweet Ecstasy might be one of the best burger chains in the Philippines, and we love that it’s proudly local. And while its burgers are Sweet X’s stars, take it from our readers—its fries are pretty damn good too. If you want a no-fuss good batch of fries, try the Fantastic Fries. If you want toppers, get the Ecstasy Fries, doused with Sweet X’s special sauce, cheese, and caramelized onions.


Gotta be honest guys, I personally haven’t tried this one, but S&R’s fries were voted quite a lot in our poll, so it must be pretty special. S&R regularly releases seasonal flavors, too. Some past flavors include the Savory Fried (with bbq sauce, cheese, and bacon bits) and the Blue Cheese fries. You can get these fries from S&R clubs or their restaurant, although it’s a bit cheaper when you buy it from the club.



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Actress Gwen Zamora (@gwenzamora) was the first to nominate Popeyes french fries in our polls, and many of our readers seem to agree. And we do too! Popeyes may be famous for its Lousiana chicken, but its crispy, spice-filled Cajun Fries are worth the hype too.



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8Cuts just does everything well. And we mean everything. From its burgers, sides (the onion ring omg?), dessert, and—yes—especially the fries, yowza. 8Cuts is just always a good idea, and everyone who voted for it in our poll knew that too. Make sure to get these Skinny Fries next time you see an 8Cuts!

Potato Corner

Are we surprised? Of course people voted for Potato Corner as well. It would have been weird if no one did. Potato Corner is a classic, and if you haven’t tried any of its many delicious flavors…I don’t know where the hell you’ve been.

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What’s your go-to fries? Did your favorite make the list? Tell us your vote in the comments section!

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