These are the 8 Dishes You Need to Eat this Chinese New Year if You Want Luck

The Year of the Dog is fast approaching! How do you plan to celebrate Chinese New Year? Do you usually go out and join the festivities in the streets or stay in and share a hearty dinner with the family?

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Either way, we have a way to make your Chinese New Year celebration and the rest of your year (potentially) a happy and lucky one. As with tradition, there are some food Chinese consider to be lucky. And it is believed that having these during the Chinese New Year calls in luck as well! And whether you’re superstitious or not, there’s really no harm in trying, right? What’s so bad in getting the family together and sharing a hearty meal to celebrate the Chinese New Year, after all? It’s a win-win!

And so, here are the 8 dishes you need to eat this Chinese New Year, and what kind of luck they will bring you and your family!

8. A whole fish

To attract abundance all year long. And yes, it has to be whole—so don’t chop the fish!

Where to get it: King Chef, 2nd floor of Lucky Chinatown Mall

7. A whole chicken

Also required whole and unchopped, sharing a whole chicken is for prosperity, joy, and unity in the family.

Where to get it: Shi Lin, ground floor of Lucky Chinatown Mall

6. Noodles

We all know this well as it’s a tale as old as time. It has always been said by elders that eating noodles is for long life and good luck.

Where to get it: San Guo La Mien, ground floor of Lucky Chinatown Mall

5. Dumplings

This one is for prosperity. Have many as you can. It’s been said that the more dumplings you eat, the more money will come your way!

Where to get it: Shi Lin, ground floor and Tao Yuan, 2nd floor of Lucky Chinatown Mall

4. Tikoy

Who doesn’t love tikoy? This is the most common food served during the Chinese New Year, and we really don’t mind. This sweet, delicious sticky treat is said to call upon success.

Where to get it: Eng Bee Tin, ground floor of Lucky Chinatown Mall

3. Egg tarts

This famous Chinese snack is said to be lucky for two people in a relationship. For a loving relationship, and a sweet life for man and wife. Eggs also symbolize new life and new beginnings.

Where to get it: Lord Stows, ground floor of Lucky Chinatown Mall

2. Sweet rice balls

Like buchi, for example. Also known as sesame balls. This one (pictured above) is a twist to the classic sesame balls where it is dipped in hot almond cream. Sweet rice balls are for reunions and togetherness.

Where to get it: Shi Lin, ground floor of Lucky Chinatown Mall

1. Round fruits

If you’ve ever wondered why there are always oranges in Chinese feasts, it is because of this. Round fruits, especially oranges and other “gold-colored” fruits, symbolize wealth. Therefore, having these fruits on the table during Chinese New Year is said to attract good fortune.

All of these are available are Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo! Find these lucky dishes at the following restaurants: Lingnam, San Guo La Mien,  Shi Lin, Sincerity, Mann Hann, King Chef, and Tao Yuan. For more info, check out Lucky Chinatown on Facebook at and at

Which of these foods do you usually serve during your own Chinese New Year celebrations? Have anything else to add? Tell us in the comments!

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