These are Not French Fries, They’re Canadian Poutines and They’re DELISH

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We’ve probably all had American, Italian, French, Mexican, Japanese, Korean, Chinese food in Manila, but seldom do we encounter Canadian ones, right? You see potato fries and we name it “French” fries in an instant! This time, Oh Poutine spins the globe and reintroduces how fries are made and enjoyed like how Canadians do.

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Photographs of the people behind Oh Poutine

It all started during a Sunday family basketball activity when one of the owners, Ralph Du, had a friend they call Chef DJ who would tell stories about a favorite snack Canadians are mad about – poutines! At the end of every basketball game, Chef DJ would pull out a small deep fryer from his car and make these poutines for friends to try. Eventually the two brought the discussion into a real deal through Ralph’s dad who’s good with racking up businesses. They formulated the recipes and soon after built a commissary in Bicutan.

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(L-R) Ralph Du VP Marketing), Chef Kristine Hinch (VP Finance), Celine Du (Marketing Assistant), Christian Du (VP Logistics and Construction), David Du Jr (VP Human Resources and Admin)

Oh Poutine started in Blue Wave Petron in Macapagal Boulevard, and then later on transferred to the new Petron gas station in the vicinity. Despite its competition with neighboring kiosks, Oh Poutine keep their customers coming back because of the authenticity of food and the place’s unique vibe. Interestingly, most Canadians in the area found out too about the store. They would visit often and come back with more Canadian friends!

Just like in Canada, poutines are sold in small greasy spoon diners, pubs, as well as by roadside chip wagons and in hockey arenas. Like a Canadian log cabin – cold, woody, and cozy, to go with Canada’s perfect comfort food, Oh Poutine brings this kind of vibe through their interior spruced up with hockey jerseys, nets, fireplaces and crates.

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Poutine is a Canadian dish which originated in Quebec. French fries topped with cheese curd and light brown gravy sauce. Other variants come in other toppings such as pulled pork, bacon, sour cream with either barbecue or cheese sauce.

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Their poutines come in three sizes: Newbie, Amateur and Pro

The reason for putting up the food place is because they have not seen a REAL and AUTHENTIC poutine the way Canadians do. Most of the poutines served here are either done differently or twisted for the Pinoy palate not knowing that most Filipinos would actually love the original more. They say the addiction you get from poutines is from eating it with a fork with everything in one bite. The mix of flavors is something you will crave the first time it hits your mouth.

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Oh Poutine’s Classic Cheese Curd

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Philly Cheesesteak is one of Oh Poutine’s best-sellers. It is tender steak with oozing warm cheese sauce on a stack of fries. P318 (Pro)

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Philly Cheesesteak. (P318 Pro) Their poutines are best paired with Lemon Frostbite, Oh Poutine’s signature drink made specially to partner their savory snacks. (P69)

Oh Poutine’s fries is just one of the brand’s main item. After their success in formulating flavors and variants for their poutines, they found another way to bring Canada through their sandwiches.  They have come up with ‘Oh Sandwiches‘ using different Poutine toppings to be stuffed in a bread similar to Dinner Rolls. Even the breads were designed and tested before they were launched.

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Quick Bites: Montreal Roast Chicken Sandwich in soft buns. (P69)

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Formulated by Chef Kristine, they also have their dessert variant – Winter Doughnuts! The name “winter” comes from the idea of cold and snowy indicative of the Canadian weather. They can be compared of Beaver Tails’, but Oh Poutine’s are sweet in nature to complement with their savory poutines. They are 8-9 inch pastries with famous dessert toppings like Oreos, Nutella, apples, cinnamon and matcha. And oh, their doughnuts are made of healthy wheat bread!

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Salted Caramel Mess is my personal favorite – chocolate + caramel + bananas! (P109)

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If poutine is to lemon frostbite, winter doughnut is to brewed coffee! But take note, even their coffee has its own character, because not all brewed “brewed coffees” are good. Theirs is premium roasted Arabica coffee that is rich and bold in flavor for only P45!

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This is the Apple Pie Winter Doughnut is apple pie in a form of doughnut. Only made more awesome with it’s interesting play of flavors and texture. (P109)

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This baby enjoyed waiting in queue as they prepare fresh and warm poutines, and decorate winter doughnuts from scratch! You can also make-your-own poutines. Pick a size and choose your own sauce and toppings.

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Poutines, sandwiches, winter doughnuts, lemon frostbites, Canada Dry sodas and more to come!

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Oh Poutine servers in hockey jerseys too! 

An insider tip: Get either Gravy or Cheese Sauce products, and just ask from them a free sauce refill!

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Oh Poutine PH

Petron Gas Station, Diosdado Macapagal Corner Seaside Boulevard, Libertad, Pasay City
Instagram: ohpoutineph


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