These 6 Hilarious Filipino Memes About Motherhood Are Spot On!

Celebrating special occasions is tedious and tiring. Oftentimes, our moms get tired preparing, cleaning, and cooking for those events. And even if it’s her birthday or Mother’s Day, she still cooks, prepares, and cleans up everything. So this Sunday, give her a worry and stress-free Mother’s Day at Vikings!

Mother’s Day is nearing and we know how planning the perfect day could be overwhelming. However, Vikings have come up with hilarious memes about parenting, which we’re sure every mom could relate to!

Loosen up, moms! These memes are for you!

EMOTIONAL MUCH? When you expect to be eating out with the family on a special occasion.

Vikings Mothers Day

Opo, sa bahay lang po!

THE KIDS GOT PLANS! When you find out you’re wrong in an argument, so you become emotional to sort of “win”.

Viking Mothers Day 2

You will never win! Kids rule, remember?!

MOMS ALWAYS CARE: You always make sure the family doesn’t starve!

Vikings Mothers Day 3

Yup, this is so true!

BEST ACTRESS ANG PEG! You become easily irritated because you’re too tired from doing all the chores!

Viking Mothers Day 4

This is accurate, actually.


Vikings Mothers Day 5

Pareho po.

And last, but not least, YOU ARE A MOM!! Whatever you do, we still love you!

Vikings Mothers Day 6


*deep sigh* Moms are simply the best. They make our lives so much easier. This Mother’s Day, let’s give them at least the things that will make her happy. I’m sure she’d love to enjoy sumptuous and generous meals at Vikings!

How about you? What are you up to this Sunday?

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