There’s Now a Kylo Ren Challenge, and It’s Exactly What You Think It Is

God bless Adam Driver and his shirtless scene. Since the iconic scene in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, memes have spawned about Kylo Ren and his sans cowl look, and perhaps unsurprisingly, there is now a Kylo Ren challenge.

Kylo Ren Challenge

Before we go there, yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a bunch of people trying to look like Kylo Ren — pensive, brooding and wearing black high-waisted pants (or some black tape wrapped around your waist).


Instagram has already caught on, with both men and women joining in on the fun.



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It seems that we might have John Mayer to blame for all this, however, after the music star first posted a photo of himself wearing high-waisted pants on his page. Regardless of who started it, though, it’s still pretty amusing.


Will you take part in the Kylo Ren challenge? Let us know!