The wonders of Super Tuyo – not your ordinary tuyo!

WHEN IN MANILA, one should never miss trying out Filipino favorites. It makes anyone staying in Manila as authentic as possible! Staple Filipino favorites such as adobo, sinigang, kare-kare, pancit, lechon are some of the few favorites you can see during local festivals, parties or even during meal time. Though the list goes on, it truly represents a Filipino trait that any meal would go perfect if they’re eating with their family and friends.

As a resident of Manila for almost 25 years now, my taste buds have tried a lot of variety of foods. Still, nothing compares to our homegrown favorites. One of which is the famed tuyo. Tuyo – referred as salted dried fish, is considered as a poor man’s food because of its cheap price and is usually served during breakfast. It has evolved through the times and is now usually enjoyed by different social status and eaten at any time of the day. In some countries, it is usually called stockfish. Its smell may be quite offending for some, but once tasted may leave anyone wanting for more!

Luckily, everyone can enjoy the lovely tuyo without the hassle of the pungent smell of it! Make way for the wonderful SUPER TUYO!!


The brainchild behind this gourmet tuyo-in-a-bottle is a high school batchmate of mine, GBert Tongo. During one of my interviews, he told me how Super Tuyo started as package for their relatives abroad. Since frying tuyo outside our country is prohibited (because of its smell), GBert’s parents would shred the tuyo pieces into flakes, adding their homemade sauce and placed in a sealed container. Later on, family and friends of the Tongo’s heard about it and started ordering from him, making GBert as the sole proprietor of Super Tuyo. Now, Super Tuyo comes in a small jar, repackaged, and has been widely known through online consumers!



Super Tuyo currently comes in 3 different flavors: Original, Famous Spicy and Sweet Spicy. My favorite would be the sweet spicy and has become the best-seller among the three! This Super Tuyo would be perfect with hot, steaming rice but I found other uses for it. I tried topping it off to my white-creamed pasta to release it from its blandness, and lo! My pasta has became an awesome gourmet pasta in seconds! The next day after waking up, I was too hungry so I took a trip to my fridge and found nothing but the Super Tuyo jar. I fried my rice from last night’s, added Super Tuyo on top and I was fulfilled with delight for my hearty breakfast! 




So why not try something new from something old? Let SUPER TUYO be your guide to awesome hearty meal from a simple-turned-gourmet viand called tuyo!

Writer’s Note: Why not inform your friends and relatives abroad about Super Tuyo? I’m sure they’re pretty excited to taste something native without the hassle of its smell! =)

Each jar costs Php120.00


SUPER TUYO by Tongo’s Catering

Order Online through their website:

Facebook Page: HERE

Contact GBert Tongo at 0942 828 8896



The wonders of Super Tuyo – not your ordinary tuyo!



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