The Wicked Matter: The Cutest Kitchen Accessories in the Planet

WHEN IN MANILA, the kitchen has always been a special room in my house apart from my bedroom. After all, the kitchen was where my mother used to whip up her best pastas, pastries, etc. The kitchen was also where I tried to eat the day’s dinner before dinner time and ended up breaking the bowl. The kitchen is also the place where I now TRY to cook.

With all the amazing memories I have in the kitchen which I’m sure most of you When In Manila readers have too, it is an absolute must to keep the kitchen light, cute, and clean. With that, I’m super happy to have discovered a store that helps you do just that.

The Wicked Matter sells the cutest kitchen tools you can find in the planet. From cute salt and pepper shakers to tea infusers, you can never get enough of cute kitchen accessories in The Wicked Matter. Among their long list of cute kitchen accessories, here are my three favorites.



(Php 370)





The Wicked Matter’s Love Cooking Pot Holders are so cute! Holding a pot of boiling water has never been this fun!


(Php 1100)





The Wicked Matter’s Coffee City Capsule Holder will definitely stand out amongst your kitchen tools. Note that the capsules are not included.


(Php 270 each)




My absolute favorite among The Wicked Matter’s kitchen accessories are these cactus salt and pepper shakers! Aren’t they adorb?

So if you want to spice up your boring ol’ kitchen, check out The Wicked Matter for some cute kitchen accessories WHEN IN MANILA.

The Wicked Matter


Available at the following stores: Hobbes and Lands (Boni High , Greenbelt 5 and Power Plant Mall)


Contact: 09476005207 or 09327310391














The Wicked Matter: The Cutest Kitchen Accessories in the Planet



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