The Very First Tagaytay Food & Wine Festival is Happening This Weekend

The very first Tagaytay Food & Wine Festival is almost upon us, and trust us: it will be well worth the drive.

Ever crave a meal that goes beyond just the taste? You know, the kind where the whole experience sticks with you? Like that road trip to Tagaytay for a steaming bowl of Bulalo. The scenic drive, the crisp air, and the anticipation all add up to something special.

Well, get ready for a whole new level of Tagaytay dining at the first-ever Tagaytay Food & Wine Festival as it rolls into town this July to bring together the city’s best chefs and restaurants for a celebration of all things delicious.

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Tagaytay Food & Wine Festival: What to Expect

The Chair of the Tagaytay Food & Wine Festival is Chef Rhea Castro SyCip while the Office of Senator Loren Legarda is the lead supporter and sponsor.

The Tagaytay Food and Wine Festival kicks off on July 12, 2024 with a Grand Tasting event at Anya Resort. Think a smorgasbord of Tagaytay’s finest dishes, from fancy hotel creations to comforting classics. Plus, there will be local brews and a chance to meet some of the amazing people behind the city’s food scene.

For a casual vibe, check out The Fatted Calf’s Harvest Dinner featuring a collaboration between top chefs.

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Feeling fancy? Head to the Luxe at 180 for a Truffle and Caviar dinner with breathtaking sunset views.

Tagaytay Food and Wine Festival

The festival wraps up with a Heritage Buffet at Taal Vista Hotel, showcasing the best of Filipino cuisine.

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To top it all off, there’s the Creative Bulalo Challenge, where restaurants battle it out for the title of most innovative bulalo.

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This festival is about more than just stuffing your face as well (although there will be plenty of that!). It’s about celebrating Tagaytay’s journey from a scenic getaway to a major foodie destination.

The cool climate, beautiful views, and nearby farms have all played a role in shaping the city’s unique food culture; and now, the chefs are getting together, sharing ideas, and pushing the boundaries of Tagaytay cuisine. So, whether you’re a seasoned gourmand or just love a good meal with a view, the Tagaytay Food & Wine Festival is definitely for you.

Come hungry, come curious, and get ready to experience Tagaytay in a whole new light (and with a very full stomach)!

Tagaytay Food & Wine Festival Reservations & Inquiries

Grand Tasting:  09175318949

Harvest Dinner: 09177892352

Luxe at 180 Degrees: 09176200289

Heritage Buffet: 0279178225

Creative Bulalo Challenge: 09177892352