The Sweetest Craziness: Go Nuts Donuts Cookie Butter

When in Manila and you’re looking for the craziest donuts in town, head over to Go Nuts Donuts and try their new offering, the Cookie Butter-flavored donuts.


Yes, folks, you’ve heard it right. The local donut chain, Go Nuts Donuts, has added an exciting flavor in its growing roster of donut choices, (drumroll, please) the Cookie Butter! Banking on the skyrocketing popularity of the cookie butter, Go Nuts Donuts decided that it’s about time someone nutty swirled that spread atop the glazed donut to give you that extra sugar rush. For the uninitiated, cookie butter is a spread that has crushed cookies instead of the usual nuts such as the perennial peanut butter or its equally famous cousin, the hazelnut spread.




Would a box of Go Nuts Donuts Cookie Butter donuts make the Cookie Monster go….nuts?


The Cookie Butter of Go Nuts Donuts is a glazed donut swirled with the cookie butter on top. One bite (ok, so maybe 3 bites) of the donut and I must say, the sweetness of the sugar glaze goes well with the cookie butter, which, by the way, has a hint of cinnamon in it. For those whose sweet tooth needs to bite on something new and sugary, then the Cookie Butter donut might just do the trick. And the best way to eat the Cookie Butter donut? Why, shared with a loved one over a steaming cup of black coffee and some hearty chit chat, of course!



Presenting, the Go Nuts Donuts Cookie Butter!


Fret not, sugar-lovers (who drooled upon reading this)! The spectacularly scrumptious Cookie Butter donuts are now offered in selected Go Nuts Donuts outlets such as SM Mall of Asia, SM Makati, Market! Market!, and Shopwise Arcade Araneta Center. Go grab one, no, make it a box, today and treat yourself to some sweet-lovin’ with Cookie Butter donuts of Go Nuts Donuts.



A sweet note from Go Nuts Donuts owner, Ms. Tina Lagdameo, taped on a box of sugary heaven called Cookie Butter donuts.


When in Manila and you really, really, need to have that sugar fix, go grab a donut (but don’t forget to pay for it, of course!) at any Go Nuts Donuts outlets near you.



Go Nuts Donuts

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The Sweetest Craziness: Go Nuts Donuts Cookie Butter


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