The Sweet Tooth: Authentic Portuguese Egg Tarts You are Sure to Fight Over

Egg tarts are the type of food that I always buy whenever I come across them. See, pre-quarantine, it wasn’t often that I came across egg tarts – and it was even less often that I came across egg tarts that I actually liked. So imagine my surprise when I learned that there is an egg tart place here in BF Homes, Paranaque – the same village in which I live!!! – that sells not just any egg tarts; but authentic, delicious, and addicting egg tarts worth ordering again and again. Say hello to The Sweet Tooth.

TST The Sweet Tooth Egg Tarts 3

Let me first introduce to you the pillar of The Sweet Tooth: Ma. Jamie Isabelle Punzalan, or simply Jamie. Jamie is the on-the-go pastry production chef who keeps herself busy spinning off their kitchen with flour and sugar – all for the love of baking. She has culinary experience from being a newbie at Marriott Manila to pioneering Galaxy Hotel in Macau with an extensive decade of expertise in pastry production. Alfie Malate is also an experienced pastry culinaire who currently works at City of Dreams Manila.

The Sweet Tooth (TST) started in December 2018 when their relatives and friends requested for Christmas goodies and giveaways. Since they were back in Manila for good, they decided to try starting an online business. They started by selling brownies and moist banana loaf cakes, moved on to add desserts in jars and cupcakes, and even added modern celebration cakes with glazed mousse and naked buttercream.

In mid-May of this year, they decided to do something simple yet very satisfying. That’s where there Authentic Portuguese Egg Tarts come in. “Our hearts are so full as we are greatly flocked with kind words that are as satisfying as eating our egg tarts,” Alfie beams.

TST The Sweet Tooth Egg Tarts 4

These egg tarts are everything your heart could possibly want in an egg tart. The crust is crispy and flaky, and the center is creamy and perfectly baked to satisfy your sweet tooth. At Php250 for a box of 6, it’s well worth the money!

TST The Sweet Tooth Egg Tarts 1

TST delivers through food couriers and you can keep the egg tarts in the refrigerator for up to three days… but trust me: they won’t last that long. My entire family literally fought over these egg tarts – my daughter included (and she doesn’t even eat egg tarts usually) – so it’s highly unlikely you’ll have any left after you order.

If you decide to order a lot specifically to keep them for later, though, you can just refrigerate them and then reheat them in an oven toaster for a couple of minutes to enjoy as a snack or dessert in the following days.

TST The Sweet Tooth Egg Tarts 1

If you want to taste and experience delicious authentic Portuguese egg tarts, The Sweet Tooth is the place to order them from. Indulge in this delicious pastry or choose from a wide array of other pastries and desserts on their menu to put a smile on your face. By the way, they use only the best and fine Philippine-made ingredients to support our local entrepreneurs, as well!

The Sweet Tooth

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