The Swagger Salon: Making a Statement with Streetwear

The humble T-shirt, as ubiquitous as it is, remains king in the streetwear game. Its simplicity makes it the perfect canvas for streetwear labels: plonk down a badass print on one shirt and you’re in business. But the statement shirt can only get you so far if you don’t actually ooze the attitude.

And this is what Malaysian streetwear brand the Swagger Salon is all about. They sell not just shirts. From marketing to their actual products, they sell panache, confidence, and arrogance – and only to the badass crowd who can pull them off.


“Lansi (A brand of Swagger Salon) has always been an attitude brand,” says Naj Frusciante, Swagger Salon’s PR and media head.

“It has never been just about the caps or the T-shirts.

Everything about the Lansi brand revolves around the attitude of confidence, arrogance, and panache — from the products, to the lookbooks, marketing and overall tone and manner of the brand. It has always been about selling an attitude; an attitude that not everyone can relate to or pull off, and that gives the brand the exclusivity and appeal that no others can.”

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The brainchild of buddies Shen, Jason, and Jian, Swagger Salon started out in 2010 as an online streetwear boutique, and what was then intended as a platform to sell Lansi caps (no streetwear shop was willing to carry their caps then) has now turned into one of Malaysia’s top streetwear labels.


The brand known for its snapbacks and shirts been featured in Strictly Fitteds and Oh Snapbacks and has even gained recognition as Best Local Streetwear Brand from Juice Magazine in Malaysia.

In 2014, it finally set up its own flagship store in Penang.

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The Swagger Salon in Penang. (Photo from Swagger Salon’s FB page)

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This year, Swagger Salon making its way into Manila’s streetwear scene, which seems like the best next stop for its edgy pieces. Have a look at their latest collection of shirts, caps and other awesome stuff here.

Shipments to Manila cost around $5 to $10 and arrive within 10 working days.

The Swagger Salon

37, Jalan Gurdwara, 10300 Penang, Malaysia

Photos by Ian Benetua
Model: Jess Jacutan