Looking for Digital Marketing Workshops in the Metro? Try These!

Online training courses are everywhere, from the local scene to international arena. The demand of knowledge is increasing around the world. Whether it is technical or practical, it will help a lot of people. And this is the main reason why growth in workshop and expertise is in demand.

The workshops available in the metro, offered by both private and public organizations, are established to help foster entrepreneurship in the country. Some workshops offered are: marketing workshops, management workshops, and other technical expertise needed for businesses.

Looking for Digital Marketing Workshops in the Metro? Try These!

Business Workshops with Institutions

There are several institutions in the Metro that provide this kind of workshops. they share their knowledge and expertise in the area of entrepreneurship and experience in managing businesses, people, and finance. Some of those institutions are:


Manilaworkshops.com provides entrepreneurship, personal development, health, and fitness workshops that entrepreneur themselves facilitate.


On the other hand, FreelanceBlend.com is a website that offers mentorship to individuals who would like to enter the field of business.


This business workshop was created to provide digital marketing training for entrepreneursfor them to incorporate their marketing strategies to their marketing plan.

Business Workshops with Mentors

As some websites provide business workshops, other workshop providers invite facilitators who are experts in specific fields. These facilitators can boost your business as a whole, provided with their extensive years of experience in their respective field. Some speakers known in providing workshops in entrepreneurship are:

Jannette Toral

Looking for Digital Marketing Workshops in the Metro? Try These! Jannette Toral
One of the popular speakers for digital entrepreneurship, she inspires others to participate in sharing their experience by guest speaking to promote their expertise and share their personal experiences in business.

Vince Golangco

Looking for Digital Marketing Workshops in the Metro? Try These! Vince Golangco

Wheninmanila.com publisher Vince Golangco has attended several speaking engagements to date and has been open in sharing his website success story, inspiring others to create content as well.

Benjie Arriola

Looking for Digital Marketing Workshops in the Metro? Try These! Benjie Arriola

A Marketing Expert, Mr Benjie Arriola has been in the business for years and has founded several online business. He shares his experience by getting clients online to provide digital marketing services.

Looking for Digital Marketing Workshops in the Metro? Try These!

With these workshops and experts available, there are so many opportunities for training space rental also known as virtual office. Several virtual offices available in the metro would be vOffice and o2space that are making names because of their friendly ambiance and enticing scenery. Their locations are also within the area of its target customer.

One of the best ways to get attention from an audience, on the other hand, is through presentation. Some effective presentation materials are:


This is a tool that provides a creative way to present to an audience. It has collaboration tools that allows people to collaborate anywhere, anytime.


Since timeline has been created, images and videos have mimicked the idea, and companies created their own version. Piktochart provides well researched info graphics style that can be used for presentation.


Another tool for presentation, Slideshare is used right after workshops to provide the public copies of what’s been shared in the workshop. It also allows workshop participants to download the materials for future use.

Live broadcasting

Broadcasting in workshops is also becoming a trend. This is used most especially if another party comes from distant location.


Also available to grab online, Videograph started on Youtube. It offers infographic through a series of info videos, which is a creative way to present to a target audience.

There are still ways to extend workshop services, though, as majority of workshop hosts render services such as incubation centers.

Incubation centers help businesses develop under their supervision. Ideaspace is one incubation center known to award its centers to technopreneurs.

Provided with these interactive tools, participants would definitely enjoy digital and business workshops even more.