The Struggle Is Real For Ortigas Extension Commuters

If you travel along the roads of Ortigas Extension, you’d know the struggle shown in the photos below. In fact, as soon as you see the photos, I’m sure you can already feel the pain.


(Photo source: Precy Aoalin)

The photo above and the one below were posted on Facebook along with the caption:

“Paging (Taytay, Cainta,Pasig) traffic authority. Everyday Travel 3-4 hours from Tikling Taytay Rizal to Crossing. #‎LateSaWork‬ #‎TanggalSaWork‬”

For those who can’t relate, let me give you a quick scenario based on my daily commutes:


(Photo source: Precy Aoalin)

I leave the house at 7:00am every morning. A few years back, this would’ve been just right to get to Makati on time by 10:00am, with all factors included such as waiting for a UV Express and getting stuck in traffic.

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Now, it’s not!

And for some reasons, there isn’t a single apparent reason for it. It’s just, I guess, a poorly managed traffic flow and an overflow of excessive cars. That’s pretty much it.

Check out my own photo I took from the same road a couple of weeks back:

friday traffic

Everyone who passes along Ortigas Extension knows the pain. Just like Precy, we’re hoping that the LGUs involved can do something about this.

Do you pass by Ortigas Extension every day? Let us know your thoughts!