The Ruby Year of the Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity

Standing on the Good Side of History

Throughout the years, the Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity has been a bastion of a proud and rich tradition that forges vigorous young men into leaders of the country and paragons of its industries. The bonds built in each brother is fostered in the highest principles of honor and trust. Each generation that heeds the call of brotherhood espouses enduring endeavors and nurtures noble enterprises devoted to the duty to God, Country, Family, and University. To stand on the good side of history is a monumental struggle against the forces of the times, yet the Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity is unwavering in its place as a beacon of the values that created an everlasting legacy of wisdom. 

New Era for Nationalism

2019 marks the Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity’s 80th Anniversary. In celebration of this momentous milestone, the Fraternity is giving back to the community through a series of projects that upholds its treasured values and ideals.

The Fraternity kicked off the Alphan Month of October with ‘Genesis: the Alphan Exhibit Inauguration’ presenting an installation recognizing 80 years of Alphan History, serving as an undaunted prime mover of patriotism and democracy. The Fraternity also held ‘Paradigm: the 80th Anniversary Induction Ball’ at the Manila Polo Club on October 6 as a tribute to a glorious past and a commitment to a bright future, all offered in dedication to service for the nation. On October 16, the Fraternity will hold the Mental Health Seminar, at the College of Law in UP Diliman, to help address the mental health crisis that affects so many of our countrymen, specially the youth. On October 26, The Fraternity shall pay homage to the power of the pen and the capacity of youthful ideals to shape history in the Ditto Sarmiento Essay Writing Contest to be held in UP Diliman.

Fostering the Future

In the light of the Fraternity’s devotion to the highest ideals of national progress, the brotherhood launches with utmost pride, the “Ang Pag Asa ng Bayan” Foundation.

The Foundation envisions to build a nurturing home for the Filipino Youth, fostering their principles and realizing their potentials as future nation builders and shapers. It will aid and empower young leaders, promote nationalism and accountability, and build platforms for youth engagement and participation in the community. The Foundation shall spearhead youth development programs through scholarships, leadership trainings, mentorship facilities, and integration campaigns.

Wisdom for Generations to Come

For 80 years the Fraternity has strived for liberty through wisdom. Now, standing on the good side of history, it looks forward and onward, committed in serving the nation for generations to come

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