Refinery: Serving Fine Drinks with Even Finer Food


You may know it already, but Refinery has really good drinks. They cater all day to two different markets—serving good coffee during the day to those wanting a hearty catch-up session and some alcoholic beverages at night for those who are looking for a chill nightcap. But you should know that their food selection is actually also great. 

R1Cafe Latte – PHP 150.00

It’s a fact that people often go elsewhere to eat and turn to Refinery just to drink. But you can drink and dine there all together by crafting the perfect menu that goes well with whatever beverage you will be ordering.

“It took quite some time to create the new menu”, says Ms. Karin Go-Ortanez, Managing Partner of Refinery. “We had to test it out slowly to check what the consumers really want and tried to work on it with Chef Thirdie from there.” 

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R14Beautiful interior of the Greenhills branch

Needless to say, the food list they came up with is truly mouth-watering. It’s already good as it is, but I’m positive it would make you want to stay a little longer and grab some drink on the side.  

R15Drink selection of Refinery, Greenhills branch

We tried them out and here are some of the items from the menu we loved: 


Chicken Liver Brulee – PHP 250.00


People tend to have a bad connotation of liver: it’s bitter, its texture is weird, etc. I, personally, agree, but the Chicken Liver Brulee would be something you would want to try.

They made the chicken liver into a mixture and glazed it with sugar on top like you would in a creme brulee. And the experience of eating the spread on a toasted, buttery bread with a hint of red onion marmalade will be glorious. Refinery is actually an all-day breakfast cafe and this is one breakfast I don’t mind having daily!


TDF Baked Brie – PHP 295.00


It’s always been cheddar, mozzarella, or parmesan cheese that are on the top of mind of people when it comes to cheeses. To be more unique, Refinery chose Brie cheese, a soft cow’s milk cheese, as their staple and baked it on a skillet. It’s soft, chewy, and deeply satisfying. Eat it with the baguette slices and you’ll be wanting to drink wine with it for sure!


Sweet & Spicy Wings (left, PHP 335.00) and Moroccan Wings (right, PHP 365.00)


The people around Greenhills or Rockwell are a bit diverse and tend to crave a foreign taste. Fortunately, Refinery’s two wings variant hit the mark.

They have the sweet & spicy wings and the Moroccan wings, a toasted Mediterranean rub drizzled with lime-yogurt. I prefer the Moroccan Wings because it has that tangy and smokey taste that I look for in chicken. The wings also come with a generous serving of potato wedges, so I would say that one order is good enough for two people.


Salmon Tostada – PHP 345.00


Practically two of my favorites in one dish: salmon and tostada chip. Similar to a taco, they made use of these chips and topped it with salsa, furikake (dry Japanese seasoning), and the jewel of this meal, the salmon ceviche.

It’s really a must-try because the crispiness of the tostada matches well with the softness of salmon and the salsa. I’m pretty sure you could finish all three by yourself–it’s that good!


Grilled French Dip – PHP 335.00


Now, who doesn’t love grilled cheese? These buttered slices served with a whole lot of cheese (they used mozzarella) is enough to make anyone hungry, but Refinery is taking it to another level by adding shredded beef and onion marmalade inside! It’s a really filling meal that’s probably good for sharing. Another must-try in this cafe in my opinion!

Each order comes with their house-made chips.


Cheese Platter (front, PHP 695.00) and Charcuterie Platter (back, PHP 599.00)


If you’re feeling fancy, these two platters are your best bets.

The Cheese Platter consists of manchego curado, goat cheese, brie, green apple slices, toasted baguette, and some honey on the side. For the Charcuterie Platter, it has different kinds of cold cuts (jamon serrano, chorizo iberico, and salchichin pimiento) and sausages, served also with toasted baguette. These are definitely best to be paired-up with wine, so just choose from the wide selection of bottles. It’s okay to be fancy once in a while–you deserve that kind of pleasure!


More than just their drinks, Refinery’s food are true unsung heroes, and thanks to their fantastic menu, they deserve to be given recognition. So, for your next barkada hang out, be sure to check it out and create an enjoyable dining experience; your tummy will thank you for it! 


Promenade, Greenhills | Joya Tower, Rockwell
For inquiries/ reservations / event parties: (02) 6331474 | +63 9176361474
Instagram: @_refinery