The Princess Diaries 3 Is Happening!!

We know the first thing you’re thinking: SHUT UP!


Our pre-teen wishes have been answered– YES, there will be a Princess Diaries 3 movie!!

Can you imagine it’s been 11 years since Princess Diaries 2, and FOURTEEN years since the first Princess Diaries movie?? It’s been that long since Anne Hathaway stole our hearts as the adorkable heiress to the throne, Mia Thermopolis, and everything has just snowballed from there!

Aside from the announcement, however, no other details surrounding Princess Diaries 3 have been given away… including whether Anne will reprise her role as Queen Mia! But come on, she has to! No one else can do it but her.

It’s also worth noting that Meg Cabot just released the latest book “Princess Diaries IX: The Royal Wedding” from the Princess Diaries series, which the movies are largely based on. So it could be entirely possible that the source material for the third movie will come from the newest book– when we last left Mia after all, she was JUST crowned Queen and kissed the dreamy Chris Pine!

Ah, the possibilities! One thing’s for sure though, this is giving us all sorts of feels!

What do you think of this? Were you a fan of the original Princess Diaries movies??